While Resident Evil 5 was considered by some diehard fans to be a disappointment, after the total revamp that was Resident Evil 4, gamers are still carrying a strong affinity for the franchise. Hoping to capitalize on that fan enthusiasm, Capcom plans on taking the next iteration, heretofore assumed to be titled Resident Evil 6, in a new direction.

Though most of this information is unconfirmed, a purported trailer for the sequel is making the rounds, and is supposedly being shown at Capcom’s TGS booth. Of course Capcom has come out to deny this trailer is being shown at TGS, making it seem all the more real, there is still some skepticism on our part mainly because there isn’t much to go on.

As you will see below (unless the trailer has been taken down), this teaser for Resident Evil 6 is very light on footage and heavy on both Japanese and English text. What said text implies is that the world has gotten out of hand, due to its reliance on bio-weapons, and the only way to restore balance is to go back to the source.

Then a set of what we assume to be coordinates are shown onscreen, implying either that Capcom is taking Resident Evil 6 to a real location or is grounding one of their fictional cities in real world space.

But that’s it. There’s no Leon Kennedy — despite tremendous fanfare crying out for his return — and there’s no “zombies.” Even the logo itself, while somewhat reminiscent of a Resident Evil title card, is a bit off, but is connected to other rumors of RE6‘s existence.


Most likely, by this time tomorrow, Capcom will have outed this trailer as being completely fake or part of their early marketing for Resident Evil 6. But, for now, it’s all hearsay. Sure, it would be great to see the mechanics of RE4, with some of the tweaks introduced in 5, in a Umbrella-esque location, but let’s not get our hopes up just yet.

What do you think of the Resident Evil 6 teaser? Do you think it is a fake? Would you like to see the series move away from the “plague” of the last two Resident Evils?

Source: Kotaku