During Capcom’s panel for Resident Evil 6 at Comic-Con, the developer showed off quite a bit of new footage for their hotly anticipated survival horror title, including a new trailer exclusively created for the event. They have since released the trailer, which you can find above, to help fans get a better sense of Leon and Chris’ campaigns in the game.

While Leon’s campaign specifically is purported to be a return to the franchise’s survival horror roots, complete with the return of zombies, this particular section from Chris’ campaign is actually the more tense of the two. After revealing the trailer, Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi walked us through that sequence in Resident Evil 6, which sees Chris and his team being picked up by a camouflaging snake-like creature. It’s not as evident from the trailer, but this section is actually much more moody and atmospheric than a lot of what has been shown of Resident Evil 6 thus far in trailers.

Unfortunately, new protagonist Jake Mueller gets the short end of the stick in the trailer, and is only featured for a brief second. Since Comic-Con panels are usually for the most die-hard of fans (fans willing to sit in 2+ hours lines for a 45-minute panel) it makes sense that Capcom would focus on their fan-favorite returning characters rather than the new one. For full details on the Resident Evil 6 panel make sure to read our recap, and also check out our hands-on preview of all three of the single player campaigns.

Or, we’ll do you one better, as Capcom has released a full walkthrough of both Chris and Jake’s demos that were featured both at E3 and Comic-Con. Jake’s section features a trek through a more offensive set of enemies, while Chris’ is focused on bombastic action with a boss fight plopped in the middle. The two pieces of gameplay footage are accompanied by some commentary to help gamers navigate the story beats as well.



And finally, on the game’s rating front, comes word in regards to the nudity portion of that ESRB designation. It has been discovered that at some point during one of three campaigns of Resident Evil 6, the player will have to do battle with a giant spider-like creature that is part female. That female, in true Capcom fashion, will be sans clothes but also without any noticeable genitalia. Apparently she moves and acts in a suggestive nature as well, absolutely justifying the rating.

With only a few short months until Resident Evil 6’s release, and a demo (attached to Dragon’s Dogma) already available for fans to enjoy, it’s only a matter of time before get that sense of gameplay oversaturation. Couple that with an hour plus of gameplay footage and it’s starting to feel like we know the entire game inside and out.

What do you think of these new gameplay breakdowns for Resident Evil 6? Does Capcom tend to go overboard in their boss design?

Resident Evil 6 releases October 2, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG