'Resident Evil 6' Trailer Gets Developer Introductions, Screenshots

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We may have known it was coming, but last week's official announcement of Resident Evil 6 still shook the gaming world, thanks in no small part to the absolutely stunning debut trailer. In fact, reaction to the trailer has been so positive that Capcom has released a second version that includes introductions from three of the game's developers. There isn't any new footage, but fans are going to want to hear what the developers have to say.

The developer introductions to the Resident Evil 6 trailer premiered at Capcom's January 19th Fright Club event in San Francisco. Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Director Eiichiro Sasaki and Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi each talk a little about the game, being careful not to give too much away at this point.

From Kobayashi, we learn that Resident Evil 6 is not only "the most ambitious game in the series," but is actually "the largest-scale production Capcom has ever embarked on." Producer Hirabayashi, meanwhile, promises that Resident Evil 6 will offer a "larger world" and a "deeper experience" than any previous game in the series.

Check out what the minds behind Resident Evil 6 have to say in the trailer below.


Outside of the announcement trailer, Capcom has remained tight-lipped about Resident Evil 6. That hasn't stopped dedicated fans (and journalists) from trying to ferret our more information about the game. Perhaps the most exciting prospect is that Resident Evil 6 might support six player co-op and eight player competitive matches.

That possibility falls right in line with the game's pre-order bonuses (retailer specific maps to play on), though it does seem to infringe on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's territory more than a little. Then again, if Capcom's plan for Resident Evil is to get Call of Duty fans on-board, robust multiplayer modes are probably the right way to go.

Capcom has also released a number of still images from the trailer, in addition to renders of Leon Kennedy and his new partner, Helena Harper.

Resident Evil 6 Screenshot 6

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We stand at the beginning of what could very well be the biggest year ever for Resident Evil, with three new games -- Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and Resident Evil 6 -- on the way, in addition to a new feature film, Resident Evil: Retribution. There is no question that RE6 is first among equals on that list, but by the time November 20th rolls around, will players be suffering from Resident Evil fatigue? What do you think?

Resident Evil 6 releases November 20, 2012, on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC release to follow.


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