The last time Capcom unveiled new footage for Resident Evil 6 we said if the developer revealed any more gamers would have practically seen the entire game. Thankfully, Capcom has not released a new section of gameplay footage, but have revealed a new cinematic trailer to prepare fans for the game’s release early next month.

In the trailer, we see all three of the game’s main characters — Chris, Leon, and Jake — and each of their companions on the brink of hopelessness. As with any good Resident Evil game, which fans hope Resident Evil 6 will be, the characters are in the midst of a zombie outbreak, but this promises to be on a scale unlike anything seen in a RE game thus far.

The Resident Evil 6 trailer doesn’t reveal practically anything about the game’s story, or show off any of its new mechanics, though; it’s purely meant to convey a specific tone. Unfortunately, the gameplay seen thus far has been fast and furious — beyond a modern Resident Evil game even — with very few quiet character moments thrown in. In all honesty, the intent of the trailer isn’t to show off Resident Evil 6 but to announce the three downloadable modes that will be timed exclusives for Xbox players.

Like with the demo, Xbox 360 owners will be getting access to content before their PC and PS3 brethren in the form of three multiplayer modes. The modes are titled Survivor, Predator, and Siege and are different variations on a few “cooperpetative” modes seen in past multiplayer games.

Survivor is a versus mode that asks players to eliminate one another, but rather than have a player sit idly once they die resurrects them as a zombie, and allows them to go after their friends. If any zombified player kills two of their friends they will be brought back to life in human form, and given another shot at being the last player alive.

Predator puts two players in control of Resident Evil 6‘s Ustanak character and asks them to eliminate a team of six players in order to win. Conversely if the team of 6 can survive till the session ends, or by some stroke of luck kill both Ustanaks, they will win.

Resident Evil 6 - Ustanak

The final mode, Siege, is similar to Gears of War: Judgment‘s Overrun mode. In Siege a team of humans are asked to protect a group of NPCs from a team of zombies. Kill the NPCs and the zombies win, protect them and the humans do.

There’s no word on how long PS3 or PC players might have to wait for the modes to become available on their platform, but the typical Xbox exclusivity window is about a month. Also there’s no word on price either, but that announcement shouldn’t be far off. As far as the modes are concerned they sound like clever riffs on some multiplayer staples, and could prolong the shelf life of Resident Evil 6 beyond the 3-campaign playthrough.

Which of the exclusive modes are you most excited to try out? PS3 players, how do you feel about yet another Xbox 360 exclusive?

Resident Evil 6 releases October 2, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: Microsoft, Capcom