New 'Resident Evil 6' Story Details and Screenshots

Resident Evil Screenshots - Leon Fiery Streets

Most of what we know about Resident Evil 6 thus far has come by way of part and parsing the rapid-fire scenes featured in the game's first trailer. Though details like who will be starring in the game have been revealed, most of the key elements to Resident Evil 6 remain a mystery.

To help shed just a little more light on what Resident Evil 6 is all about — what's new this time around, where is the game set, and who are the characters briefly seen in the trailer — Capcom has released some new info and a few screenshots. Most of it still deals in vague character bios and story set-up, so don't expect Capcom to blow the lid on the game's third main character (the bald one) just yet, but nonetheless it's more than we knew up to this point.

Among the high points of Capcom's breakdown of Resident Evil 6 is a setting for Chris' portion of the game (the fictional Chinese city of Lanshiang) and a redesigned combat system. It's evident from the trailer that the over-the-shoulder gunplay from RE 4, 5, and more recently Revelations will be returning, but what is new for 6 is the ability to dodge, roll, slide, and take cover. On top of enhancement movement, Resident Evil 6 also offers some new melee options, but Capcom didn't go into any detail about those.

As expected zombies will be returning to the series for RE 6, along with a new enemy called J'avo. Essentially, J'avo are a form of zombie that still retains cognitive functions and is able to regenerate parts of its body that have been removed. It's a S.T.A.R.S. agents worse nightmare.

Check out the screenshots below, which seem to be more like trailer screen captures than legitimate screenshots (hence the blurry quality):

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Capcom also gives a couple of bios for key returning characters, and some new ones, but most of that information is common knowledge to the even the casual Resident Evil fan. Most of what was revealed by Capcom was meant to set the story straight on the basics for the game, and to keep fans guessing about that mysterious bald mercenary.

Color us intrigued both by the idea of a new movement system, one that takes the game further away from the "plant and shoot" mechanics that held the series' new evolution back, and where these characters' storylines might be headed. Hopefully some more concrete details, like confirmation of 6-player co-op, should be on the way soon.

What do you think of these new story, character, and gameplay details along with the screenshots? How would you like to see all of these elements come together?

Resident Evil 6 is slated for a November 20, 2012 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.



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