Much of the intrigue surrounding Resident Evil 6 — especially after this week’s wild new trailer and details on its triple-sided campaign — is due to the intersection of the new and the old. Some branches of Capcom’s thriller vie for the affection of old school horror fans, while others seem content with sprinkling in elements of today’s modern shooters (Chris Redfield might just be auditioning for the next Call of Duty for all we know).

That same premise can be extended out into Resident Evil 6’s multiplayer. Like it or not, the online component is back and here to stay after its debut in Resident Evil 5, and it comes — from what we know so far — in form of the popular “Mercenaries Mode.”

According to the Capcom-Unity blog, “Mercenaries Mode” will once again let players assume control of major characters from the RE 6 campaign (think Leon, Chris, Sherry Birkin, Jake Muller, Ada Wong, etc.)  as together they fight their way through hordes of enemies under a pressure-cooking time limit. Opportunities for kill chains, as well as various “surprises” will exist in order for players to boost their score.

As far as the maps players will rummage across, Capcom has revealed three. The only catch? Each one is only available as an exclusive pre-order bonus from a trio of separate retailers, starting with The Catacombs map (GameStop), High Seas Fortress (Amazon) and Rail Yard (Best Buy). We wouldn’t be surprised if more maps are on the way — or if each one is available as DLC at some point — but for now, gamers will have to pick and choose.

Read on for Capcom’s official description of each map, followed by some sleek new screens:

The Catacombs– There are more than just enemies lurking in these catacombs. Be weary of booby traps ready to ensnare you around every corner! Are your reflexes quick enough to avoid them?

High Seas Fortress – An expansive stage that takes you from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the hangars inside. Engage in intense shoot-outs on the deck, but hone your martial arts skills inside the narrow confines of the hangers.

Rail Yard – A multi-level stage in the steel and concrete confines of a railroad yard. Enemies are lurking everywhere, from inside the trains to the roof of the yard. You’ll have to stay on the move to stay alive!

The pre-order maps aren’t the only special offers Capcom is preparing for the launch of Resident Evil 6; for a just $1,300 and a kidney, you can be the proud owner of a Leon Kennedy replica jacket. As much anticipation as the 30+ hour game seems to be drumming up though, our guess is that pre-order bonuses will be a much more popular hook.

Ranters, do you plan on preordering Resident Evil 6? Which map seems to catch your eye?

Resident Evil 6 releases on October 2, 2012, for the Xbox 360 and PS3. A PC version is due at a later date.

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Source: Capcom-Unity