The PC version of Resident Evil 6, which was promised for next year, has finally received a March 22, 2013 release date. While RE fans on the consoles have been enjoying — dependent on who you ask — the sequel’s four intersecting campaigns, PC gamers have been relegated to the sidelines, but thankfully they won’t have to wait much longer.

Moreover, Capcom has announced that the PC version will go live on Steam in March, and will make great use of all Valve’s digital distribution service has to offer (i.e. cloud saving, achievements, etc.).

Included with the PC release will also be every current update to Resident Evil 6 including the ability to access the no-longer-secret Ada Wong campaign and the ‘No Hope’ difficulty setting. It’s not exactly a major selling point for this particular version, but for those that like a little better graphical fidelity, or who just love PC gaming, at least the game is getting a release.

Along with the announcement of Resident Evil 6 on the PC, Capcom has also announced a forthcoming second title update that will introduce some new features. A very important, potentially game-changing update, went live earlier this week — introducing an improved camera and functionality — was apparently only the tip of the iceberg as this second update will further streamline the experience.

Players that want to opt-in to the QTE assist feature — which currently is only available on the Amateur difficulty — will soon be able to do so, and by extension alleviate some of the title’s many frustrating sequences. As well, there will be some general difficulty tweaks included with the update, although the press release does not state in which direction those changes will skew. Our guess is that they will make the overall proceedings much easier, but it’s unclear.

So for those gamers who were holding out for a better PC experience, or were waiting for the console versions to get some much-needed improvements, now is the time to get reinvested in Resident Evil 6. Obviously some of the problems fans have with the story are still going to be there, but on a strictly mechanical level the game is said to be much better.

Are you looking forward to the PC release of Resident Evil 6? Have you found the first major title update improves the game on the consoles?

Resident Evil 6 will be available for the PC on March 22, 2013.