'Resident Evil 6' Location Outed by Actress for 'Chinese Villager & Zombie'?

Resident Evil 6 Teaser TGS

Only twenty-four hours after development on Capcom's highly-anticipated survival horror sequel, Resident Evil 6 was outed by voice actor, Joe Cappelletti, on his personal blog, we now have reports that another video game vocal talent has listed the game on their public resume.

While it's long been expected that Resident Evil 6 was in active development, the game was expected to be fully-unveiled at Tokyo Game Show 2011, this latest info leak not only lends further confirmation to speculation that the game is in the later stages of development - it also hints at a potential setting for the next zombie outbreak.

According to the East West Players A.C.T.S. page for Wendy Mok, the actress (who has performed in other video game titles such as Dead Island and True Crime: Hong Kong) will be portraying a/more than one "Chinese Villager/Zombie" in Resident Evil 6.

While it's likely that Mok will basically be the Resident Evil 6 equivalent of Resident Evil 4's Los Ganados (i.e. Spanish Villager/Zombie) or Resident Evil 5's Majini (i.e. African Villager/Zombie), at this point we can't necessarily rule out the possibility that she actually plays a villager that eventually gets turned into a zombie.

Check out the screen grab from Mok's profile below - since it's likely that she'll be instructed to take down the listing in the coming days:

Resident Evil 6 Voice Actress Zombie Villager

Recent Resident Evil games have seen our heroes marooned in basically one isolated locale that becomes overrun with infected locals as well as mutated creatures - so, given Mok's role in the game, it's equally likely that Resident Evil 6 will see the player isolated in rural China. Of course, we've heard prior rumors that suggest Capcom would be mixing-up the Resident Evil franchise format with the next installment. As a result, the formula isn't necessarily written in stone - meaning that this Resident Evil game could offer more of a globe-trotting adventure than previous titles. A rumor that is further complicated by the bootlegged Resident Evil 6 "teaser" from TGS which featured geographic coordinates for Thunder Bay, Canada.

There's no doubt that rural China could offer some beautiful environment visuals (as well as contrast to the arid desert in Resident Evil 5) and interesting gameplay mechanics - assuming the developers have chosen to inject the Chinese countryside with some survival horror.

What do you think of a Chinese backdrop for Resident Evil 6? Where else would you like to fight zombies in Resident Evil?


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We will continue to keep you posted on the status of Resident Evil 6 as more information is released.

Source: Wendy Mok [via The Silent Chief & CVG]

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