We wouldn’t be surprised if, by the time Resident Evil 6 releases later this year, gamers had seen literally everything Capcom’s latest had to offer. After numerous trailers were released, Capcom began revealing gameplay footage that follows large sections of the title’s three intertwining chapters — perhaps in an effort to assuage fan fear’s about the game’s direction or maybe just to show off how cool the game looks.

The newest piece of Resident Evil 6 footage comprises a small segment from new character Jake’s portion of the game, and comes to us by way of a Gamescom press conference. In the section, Jake Muller learns a little bit about Sherry Berkin’s history, including her close ties to Leon Kennedy.

In the footage’s initial cut scene we get some sense of a greater mystery surrounding Sherry — centered on the Raccoon City survivor’s “healing” ability. In addition to a brief tease of Sherry’s superpowers, the scene helps add some emotional weight to the duo’s inevitable encounter with Leon, via the game’s Crossover feature. Most importantly, Berkin reveals that Leon, and Chris’ sister Claire, were instrumental in saving her life.

Then, after a brief moment of exposition, all hell breaks loose and the duo must fight off an onslaught of gun toting “infected.”

As we illustrated in past previews of the game, Jake’s portions of Resident Evil 6 are considered the more action-heavy segments, while fan-favorite Leon is given the task of paying homage to the series’ survival horror roots. That means large-scale firefights, bombastic boss battles, and numerous waves of enemies will be the most common here. Thankfully Capcom has equipped Jake with more than his fair share of ammunition, everything from pistols to sniper rifles to machine guns.

Among the developer’s new additions to the series — or at least those on display in the demo — are a new cover system, dynamic enemy interactions, and an on-rails vehicle sequence. Capcom has already come out to say they’d like the Resident Evil series to more closely resemble Call of Duty, and this gameplay, in some respects, echoes that sentiment.

Resident Evil 6 Gamescom Gameplay

But what of Muller’s relationship to Albert Wesker, something only revealed by Capcom offhand that has yet to be addressed in this or any previously released trailers. Resident Evil 6 is steeped in a heavy amount of fan service — bringing back a ton of characters including Ada Wong — we only hope they can balance it all.

What do you think of this gameplay footage from Jake’s section in Resident Evil 6? Is it too action heavy? What do you make of the vehicle sequence at the end?

Resident Evil 6 releases October 2, 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Resident Evil 6 – YouTube