As games continue to grow and grow in popularity publishers will continue to find more and more expensive ways to get just a little more money out of those die-hard fans. Case in point: a special limited edition of Resident Evil 6 that will release exclusively in Japan.

Not only does this Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition come with a copy of Capcom‘s highly anticipated game and four phone cases, it comes with a wearable replica of Leon Kennedy’s leather jacket. Not necessarily the most iconic of items from the Resident Evil franchise, but still pretty memorable, this replica jacket is going to be coveted by fans the world over.

The four phone cases appear to be for Apple’s iPhone, but it’s unclear based on the vague image. However three of them will be branded based on the three main characters of the game (Chris, Leon, and yet to be named bald guy) with the final case being kept secret. It’s safe to assume that if Capcom announces a lesser Special Edition that these cases might also be packaged in with that.

Unfortunately, as one would expect, the inclusion of this replica jacket makes the Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition far too expensive a proposition for any reasonable fan to justify. At ¥100,000, or $1,300, the price point essentially becomes about purchasing the jacket first and getting the game as an added bonus. Usually a Limited Edition’s price, when packaged in with a cool replica like Skyrim‘s dragon or Nathan Drake’s belt buckle, is still at least 50% of the retail price for the game.

There’s no denying that the anticipation for Resident Evil 6, which promises to bring back two of RE‘s most prized protagonists and unite them with new modes and new mechanics, is palpable, but being worth over a thousand dollars is another thing. Just to be safe, though, the replica jacket, or should I say, the Limited Edition of the game has been kept to only 5,000 copies. It would be hard to imagine them selling out.

Would you be willing to fork over $1,300 for a replica of Leon’s leather jacket? What’s the most expensive Collector’s Edition you’ve ever purchased?

Source: Esuteru (via Mark MacDonald)