'Resident Evil 6' to be Totally Different

Resident Evil Totally Different Capcom

Masachika Kawata, the producer of the upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for Slant Six Games and Capcom, took some time to comment on the still-largly-a-mystery Resident Evil 6 and stated the game will see a complete renovation. He also said the game will be totally different.

But before gamers get excited or upset by this news, it should be noted Kawata also said they cannot totally forget about all the previous entries that created so many of the possibilities for the Resident Evil series. He also would not say whether Resident Evil 6 would be a shooter or survival-horror game, just that it would be totally different.

While Resident Evil 4 brought something pretty new to the franchise and was generally loved by gamers and critics alike, Resident Evil 5 also brought its own newness to the series and was not looked at as fondly by some, despite still having strong reviews. What does that mean for Resident Evil 6 then? At this point it could really go either way. There is still likely a lot of time before gamers get their hands on any build for Resident Evil 6. And even after seeing the game action, a lot could change. Remember that early Resident Evil 4 footage that was totally different than how the game turned out? We do too.

With a few other Resident Evil games coming soon -- games like Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and HD versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica -- perhaps gamers might be able to get some insight into what Capcom might be thinking for Resident Evil 6. Or perhaps Resident Evil 6 will bring something entirely new and different from all of the franchise games before it. With the action-oriented Operation Raccoon City coming out, it would be surprising if RE6 didn't offer something for the fans of the survival-horror styled RE4 which is the best reviewed game of the series.

Do you think Resident Evil 6 will be similar to Resident Evil 5 or any other Resident Evil game that came before it? Do you think it will return the series back more to its survival-horror roots? What would you like to see in Resident Evil 6? Is there anything about Resident Evil 5 you would like to see again in Resident Evil 6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: MarcaPlayer (via Rely on Horror)

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