'Resident Evil 6' Dynamic Conversation System Revealed

Resident Evil 6 Conversation System

Though Resident Evil has always been a franchise known for its high octane thrills and chills, it typically isn't the first title that comes to mind when the idea of compelling and innovative dialogue is brought up. However, with Resident Evil 6 on the horizon, Capcom hopes to take gamers preconceived notions about the conversation systems in a RE game and flip them on their head.

According to a new report on Resident Evil 6, the game will employ a conversation system that is both dynamic and seamless. The transition from gameplay to cutscene should help preserve the pace of the game without any sort of awkward loading between a pre-rendered scene and the normal game — something that was extremely jarring in Resident Evil: Revelations.

This new conversation system isn't just about seamlessly blending either, it will also change based on any given situation. Dialogue will be unique to what has just transpired, or will be influenced by the player's reaction, rather than be stiff and structured.

No examples were given as to how either of these conversation systems will play out in the finalized version of Resident Evil 6, but we imagine it should be that type of feature that flies low under the radar. In fact, Capcom was worried that, and even questioned Dengeki PlayStation magazine as to whether or not they were going a little overboard.

For a game that is known for its convoluted storylines and out there characters, it seems possible that the conversation system could either be a welcome addition or just another hiccup in terms of story telling. Compounded with the fact that Resident Evil 6's story will be told through the eyes of no less than three main characters (Chris, Leon, and unnamed bald guy), though, this new conversation system might help establish the key differences between each personality.

Even though Capcom could have easily sat back and made a passable facsimile of Resident Evil 5 it appears that they are trying to push the envelope with their sixth iteration. Conversations, co-op, and storytelling all seem to be getting substantial overhauls, and we hope each of those gambles pays off.

What are your thoughts on this new dynamic conversation system for Resident Evil 6? How would you like to see Capcom implement it in a way that makes each player's experience different?

Resident Evil 6 is slated for a November 20, 2012 releases on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Dengeki PlayStation (via Siliconera)

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