Voice Actor Confirms Work on 'Resident Evil 6'

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Resident Evil 5, which debuted in early 2009, was a fantastic game. It added co-op to the survival-horror series and packaged that alongside beautiful graphics. In fact, it's the best selling game in the franchise and while we here at Game Rant loved it, we do understand that for long-time fans of the franchise, it's change in direction may not be entirely desirable since it offers a different type of experience.

This is what we expect Resident Evil 6 to change. With a few handheld Resident Evil titles and the upcoming, 4-player co-op shooter, Operation Raccoon City also debuting next year, Capcom has the opportunity to make Resident Evil 6 more in line with RE4, thus having a variety of games for every type of player.

While Capcom hasn't officially unveiled the game yet, we all know Resident Evil 6 is on its way. According to Operation Raccoon City producer, Masachika Kawata, RE6 will be totally different.

We heard back in the summer that Capcom may be showing off Resident Evil 6 during September's Tokyo Game Show and conflicting reports had this Resident Evil 6 teaser trailer demo'd behind closed doors, but still, no confirmation.

Today this may change thanks to a resume of somebody who has worked on the game. We've seen countless video game projects ousted thanks to resumes of developers on LinkedIn and the latest has a voice actor listing Resident Evil 6 on his resume.

Joe Cappelletti, who's done voice work on the latest two Call of Duty games, Medal of HonorFinal Fantasy XIII, inFAMOUS and more, listed Resident Evil 6 on his personal website under his credits. After a few media outlets picked up on it, it was mysteriously removed from the list. Uh oh! Too late, Siliconera already grabbed a screenshot:

Resident Evil 6 Confirmed

It's really not a surprise since we already knew the game was coming. Since Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is now releasing in March, expect a big unveiling of RE6 at E3 just a few months later.


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