Whether or not the Resident Evil series still qualifies as survival-horror can be debated at length, but regardless of if its recent emphasis on action, the next core game in the series, Resident Evil 6, is one of our most anticipated games of the year. For fans still on board with the direction Capcom is taking with Resident Evil 6 – and for those who can forgive them for Operation Raccoon City – RE6 is coming with a Collector’s Edition.

The Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil 6 comes with the game, a zombie-themed steelbook cover for it, an exclusive hard cover artbook with concept art for Resident Evil 6, a DLC code for an avatar (Xbox 360) or theme (PS3), an Ivy University, Tall Oaks hoodie sweatshirt, and three metal emblems for the game’s three playable squads – all of which come bundled in a special ‘Needle Bomb’ collector’s box.

Resident Evil 6 Collector's Edition Detailed

The RE6 CE already has a few confirmed European retail locations, but no information regarding North American retailers has been given. A price for the Collector’s Edition wasn’t released either, but we can say that it’ll definitely be a lot cheaper than the $1300 Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition.

After Resident Evil 5 added co-op and a lot more action to the core series, also giving the publisher their biggest franchise sales to date, Capcom predicts that RE6 will have big sales as well, despite concern from the built-in fanbase that Resident Evil‘s moving away from its survival horror roots and into more action-oriented territory.

Capcom themselves have even admitted that they’re moving the series towards the action genre to make the series more accessible and appealing to a wider audience, which isn’t helping quell the complaints. What matters is if the game is great – and not like what was showcased at the Microsoft E3 2012 press conference, otherwise it has a chance of blowing up in Capcom’s face in addition to alienating a part of the loyal fanbase.

Resident Evil 6 releases October 2, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: VG247