Capcom’s re-release of Resident Evil 5 on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is suffering from some major issues, such as frame rate drops, which is causing grief for players.

Playing Resident Evil 5 on current generation consoles is not always a pleasant experience. Players are reporting everything from frame rate drops, to glitches and a couple issues that will demotivate a second player from wanting to tag along.

The game’s list of troubles is not a short one. The frame rate drops are among the least concerning when compared to a player’s inability to manage their own inventory. Playing with a partner will be a nightmare for whomever is unfortunate enough to get the second controller. As mentioned above, a bug is keeping Player 2 from doing much with their inventory, in addition to being unable to buy or upgrade weapons between chapters.

According to a report from Reddit, playing Survivors or Team Survivors mode could have players losing their primary weapons if they choose certain characters, rendering them defenseless and making the game much less fun.

All, or most, of these issues appear to be on Capcom’s radar and they are “working on it”, according to a response from Capcom to Reddit user mightylordredbeard who reported some of the problems directly to the official Resident Evil Twitter.

Resident Evil 5 Releases for PS4, Xbox One Today - Resident Evil 5 Chris and Sheva

When the news broke a few months back that Capcom had intentions to bring Resident Evil 4, 5, and to PS4 and Xbox One, fans of the series were delighted at the opportunity to replay at least two of them — it is hard to confidently claim that anyone would be eager to jump back onto Resident Evil 6, given the mostly mediocre reviews.

Resident Evil 5 was the first of the three to be released, and will be followed by Resident Evil 6 and then, the most anticipated of the bunch, Resident Evil 4, which will release some time this fall. But with so many issues plaguing the fifth installment in its first week, hopefully it is not a preview of things to come; Resident Evil 6 has enough problems as it is.

Not to give the game too much guff, but Resident Evil 6 is the poster child for everything the series has been doing wrong. It even placed dead last in our ranking of every game in the main series. Capcom has claimed to learn from the experience, however, which explains the dramatic shift back to the series’ horror roots in the upcoming Resident Evil 7. This could be the installment fans have been waiting for, or not, but some of us at Game Rant have a few ideas on how the game could win back fans of the series.

Until then, however, those with a penchant for playing the macabre series will have to revisit the previous games if they want their fill. The re-release of these titles on current generation consoles would be the perfect buffer for the wait if not for the numerous issues bogging down the first game to drop. These should be enhanced experiences that highlight what was great about the game in the first place, not a burden to those playing. Hopefully this will push Capcom to double, triple and even quadruple check for issues on these later releases. The last thing they need is to lose more player confidence.

Resident Evil 5 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One. The game originally launched for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2009.

Source: Gamespot