'Resident Evil 5' For PC Finally Gets Gold Edition DLC

Resident Evil 5 Sheva Fairy Tale


Five years ago, Capcom released Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, which featured the base game, additional campaigns, bonus costumes and additional game modes. Many PC gamers who had already purchased the PC port of the game excitedly awaited an announcement that the new additions would be released on the PC.

Unfortunately, Capcom went on the record shortly thereafter, saying that there "No plans for PC at this point." All these years later, however, Capcom has apparently had a change of heart.

Wbacon, a Capcom spokesperson on Steam, announced that all of the console-only DLC is finally available for the PC port of Resident Evil 5 starting today. Apparently, Capcom decided to release the DLC this many years later to celebrate the completion of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which ties into the plot of Resident Evil 5.

The DLC is being sold separately from the base game as the Untold Stories Bundle for $14.99. The DLC contains new costumes for Chris and Sheva in the main campaign, the Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape additional scenarios, and Mercenaries: Reunion, which features new enemies, new weapons and costumes for Chris and Sheva, and additional cast members from Resident Evil 5 and prior games. It also introduces Mercenaries: Versus, which allows players to compete against each other and enemies in a Mercenaries setting.

Resident Evil 5 Rebecca Mercenaries Reunion

The Resident Evil 5 PC base game already included some features that neither the PS3 nor Xbox 360 offered, like NVIDIA 3D Vision support and Mercenaries: No Mercy, which threw substantially more enemies at you than the console versions. The Business Suit Sheva and Warrior Chris costumes were also originally exclusive to the PC version, but were eventually ported over to the console systems. While owning a copy for the PC and console was formerly the only way to enjoy all the content that Capcom had released, the PC version now has access to all of the DLC ever released for Resident Evil 5.

Capcom is currently offering a lowered price on the base game to promote the Untold Stories Bundle, but isn't offering any kind of price reduction for fans who already own the base game. While it's nice to finally have a 100% complete version of Resident Evil 5 once and for all, asking the PC gamers who supported the game in the first place to cough up the full $14.99 for five-year-old DLC is pushing it a bit.

Resident Evil 5: Untold Stories Bundle is now available for PC.

Source: Steam

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