Resident Evil 4: New Easter Egg Found 12 Years After Release

Resident Evil 4: New Easter Egg Found 12 Years After Release - Leon S. Kennedy and first enemy

Thanks to the Internet, video game Easter eggs seem to spread like wildfire, with most of a game's secrets revealed to the world not long after launch. But every once in awhile, a video game Easter egg is hidden so well that it takes years for it to be discovered. In the case of a new Easter egg found in the critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 4, it took a whopping 12 years for anyone to finally find it.

YouTuber Slippy Slides found the Easter egg while exploring Resident Evil 4 with an unlocked camera. It can be seen in Chapter 5-4, very close to the end of the game, hidden in some unreachable ruins in the distance. The Easter egg appears to be a 2D texture of a Japanese man imitating a zombie, dressed in a green jacket and blue jeans, leading some to speculate that one of Resident Evil 4's developers decided to hide an image of himself in the game during development.

What made this Easter egg so elusive is that it is virtually invisible to anyone playing the game normally. Players need a sniper scope with enhanced zooming capabilities to even see the outline of the image, and without knowing what to look for, it's unlikely anyone would even notice it. Couple that with the fact that there really is no reason to aim a sniper in that direction anyway, and it's no wonder it took 12 years for someone to find it.

Now that the Easter egg has been discovered, though, it has raised some questions that may never be answered. For one, it's unclear who the person is in the image. While speculation points to it being a developer, it could be someone that had nothing to do with Resident Evil 4's development. We also don't know why the Easter egg was put in the game, whether director Shinji Mikami had any idea of its existence, and if it can be found in all versions of the game or not.

With the discovery of this strange Easter egg, one has to wonder if there are even more secrets hidden away in Resident Evil 4. Since the game is available on virtually every console imaginable, it wouldn't be hard to return to Leon S. Kennedy's memorable adventure for an old fashioned easter egg hunt.

Resident Evil 4 is available now for GameCube, PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, PC, Wii, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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