Resident Evil 4 Turned into Dating Sim By Fan


Resident Evil 4 is a fan favorite installment in the survival horror franchise thanks to its bold reimagining of the series' usual mechanics and style, but that doesn't mean it was a flawless game. Lots of players have plenty of negative comments about the basic plot points (Leon Kennedy going to save the president's daughter from cultists) and even years later the community is still making jokes about the game's strange premise. A fan recently took their criticisms to the next level by creating Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition, a visual novel remake of the 2005 classic.

The RE4: Otome Edition demo takes place from the perspective of Ashley Graham, instead of Leon Kennedy. The romance adventure focuses on Ashley's side of the story from her kidnapping through her crushing on her would-be rescuer. Strangely enough, the Resident Evil 4 source material lays some strong groundwork for a silly and inappropriate romance story.

Gamers who aren't familiar with the visual novel genre may be a little confused by this unexpected spin on Resident Evil 4, but anyone who has played games like Hatoful Boyfriend or the Zero Escape series will catch all of the jabs at the niche genre. The parody does a pretty great job of taking shots at both the visual novel genre and Resident Evil 4's original plot.


Fans of Resident Evil 4 who are interested in the Otome Edition can play through the demo for free right now. The whole experience takes about 40-45 minutes, but is well worth the read and may leave fans of the genre wishing it was a full release.

-Relive the events of Resident Evil 4, faithfully recreated from Ashley's perspective - and with exactly as much absurdity as that entails!-Kindle your relationship with a host of eligible bachelors, including the stoic Leon, the mysterious Luis, the evasive Merchant, or perhaps even the conniving Lord Saddler!*-Discover what happened to Ashley in the scenes you never saw, such as her initial kidnapping.-Make fake decisions that reveal the illusory nature of choice!

What do you think of the romantic reinvention of Resident Evil 4? Let us know in the comments.

Resident Evil 4: Otome Edition is currently in a demo state and there is no confirmation of a more official release.

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