There’s certainly no shortage of fond memories of Resident Evil 4 among modern gamers. For many it was the defining game of the previous generation, and brought many fans to Capcom’s veteran franchises. So when it was announced that RE4 and Code: Veronica X would be seeing a re-release the excitement among the dedicated was palpable. Players in North America can officially mark their calendars now that Capcom has announced the release dates for both titles.

Capcom announced at Comic Con this week that the new release of Resident Evil 4 HD will be here on September 20th, with Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD arriving a week later on September 27th.

Both games will be made available via the Xbox Live ‘Games on Demand’ store and PSN. Price has yet to be confirmed however the Resident Evil panel did state gamers should expect “budget pricing”.

The re-releases contain high definition visuals as well as the inclusion of achievements and trophies for their respective platforms. Japanese gamers will be able to purchase both games together as part of the Resident Evil: Revival Selection, a single disc compilation to celebrate the birthday milestone. No plans have been announced for this compilation to be released outside of Japan.

Featuring an overhauled camera and combat system, Resident Evil 4 was seen as a revolutionary game for its time. Subsequent re-releases on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii consoles added content to the game, most of which will be made available in the HD re-release. This includes the ‘Separate Ways’ epilogue, a new scenario featuring content written by Haruo Murata that wasn’t available on the original Gamecube release..

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X was originally released onto the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube consoles, itself a re-release of an earlier Sega Dreamcast game. The game is noteworthy for being the first Resident Evil game to move away from pre-rendered backgrounds, featuring a camera that moves between fixed points. It features longtime protagonists Claire and Chris Redfield, both of whom the gamer can control at various points throughout the game.

Will you be counting the days until these High Definition remakes get released? Which of the two are you most looking forward to?

We now know for certain that Resident Evil 4 HD will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on Sptember 20, with Code: Veronica X HD following the next week.

Source: TheSixAxis