Someone Managed to Beat Resident Evil 4 With 0% Accuracy

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A Resident Evil fan known as Manekimoney has completed a 0% hit ratio run of Resident Evil 4, using only the knife and limited weaponry to complete the game. Challenges and speedruns like this are not uncommon for older games, and Resident Evil 4 is a classic many gamers will want to try and replay in new ways.

In order to achieve 0% accuracy in Resident Evil 4, players are very limited in terms of weapons available. Using the knife is the most frequent option, as the knife will take care of a lot of the infected enemies while not adding to the weapon hit ratio. However, not every situation is doable with knifing enemies to death, so Manekimoney had to get crafty. Items like grenades and rocket launchers don't count towards the accuracy total, but they come with a risk with the chance of also hurting Leon S. Kennedy or his escort and causing additional issues. On top of this, some of the ammo for these items is extremely limited, so anyone attempting the run would need to know exactly when and how to use these limited items.

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Given that Resident Evil 4 is one of the scariest games of all time and immensely popular, challenge runs to make it even more difficult are common. However, Manekimoney's run is extremely impressive, even with it clocking in at over 13 hours for a game that's usually much quicker to get through. Some situations in Resident Evil 4 make it near impossible to get by without a firearm, such as crates in the ways that normally need to be shot or protecting Ashley during certain scenes. Manekimoney didn't use any New Game+ exploits like the Knight Armor to make it easier, and also turned the difficulty up to Pro to make sure that the adaptive difficulty didn't make things too easy.

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Manekimoney doesn't specify what version of Resident Evil he played, but it's an impressive feat no matter which version he used. While Resident Evil 4 being available on all the modern consoles, differences in how each version plays can be important in Resident Evil challenges and speedruns, but in this case, Manekimoney's rules kept it from getting out of hand.

At the very least, it sounds a little less frustrating attempting something like this on Resident Evil 4 for Switch, as trying to do some tedious bits over and over would be preferable on a portable console.

Resident Evil 4 is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. The title is also available on older consoles.

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Source: Reddit

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