Resident Evil 2: How to Unlock Every Safe

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While it may be a complete overhaul of the survival-horror experience on PlayStation 1, Capcom's upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 contains many similarities to the original game, which released in 1998. With the remake just a few days away from launch, most reviews have been extremely positive about the modernized version of one of Capcom's most famous titles.

One of the more common secrets to find throughout the Racoon City Police Department and surrounding areas are lockers and safes, which require specific codes and combinations to unlock them. While the solutions to every locked safe can be found by simply exploring, the codes that are lying around don't need to be found in order for players to get into them. The same goes for lockers found throughout the story, which require a 3-letter combo in order to open them, as opposed to a safes' 3-digit combo. By unlocking the three different safes and lockers in the game, players will earn the Master of Unlocking achievement / trophy. This guide will help to find and solve each of Resident Evil 2's locked safes.

West Office, Police Station

resident evil 2 safes west office

9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left

Reward: Hip Pouch (Both Characters)

Before finding the game's first safe, its combination can be found on the second floor of the Police Station in the S.T.A.R.S. Office. The safe itself is located in the side room of the West Office on the first floor, where players should expect to encounter a number of zombies. The Hip Pouch reward is used to increase the inventory space for both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The other two safes will offer different rewards depending on which character is being used.

Waiting Room, Police Station

resident evil 2 safes waiting room

6 Left, 2 Right, 11 Left

Claire: High Capacity Magazine (JMP Hp3)

Leon: Muzzle Brake (Pistol Matilda)

The second safe is located on the second floor of the Police Station on the East Side of the building. The respective safe's combination can be found in the Observation Room on the first floor, where an internal RPD document will have the numbers listed on a table off to the side.

Treatment Pool Room, Sewers

resident evil 2 safes treatment pool room

2 Left, 12 Right, 8 Left

Claire: Reinforced Frame (SLS 60)

Leon: Shotgun Stock (W-870)

The final safe in Resident Evil 2 can be found much later in the game's story towards the end, and its combination is much easier to find in respective to the previous two. To get to the safe from the Sewers' Monitor Room, simply exit through the room's only door, cross over the bridge, and head right when possible to enter the Treatment Pool Room, where the safe can be easily spotted. The code for the safe will be etched in chalk on its right side.

For those still unsure if they'll be picking up Resident Evil 2 when it launches, the game's "One-shot" demo is available until the end of January on consoles and PC to try out. As far as its post-launch plans, Capcom has revealed DLC inspired by the original game that will be adding character models inspired by the PS1 classic, which at the time of this writing are only confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 4 version.

Resident Evil 2 will launch on January 25th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Games Radar

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