Capcom announced that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake will be available in two versions in Japan, a standard version and a “Z Version”.

The standard version of Resident Evil 2, called Biohazard RE:2 in Japan, will come with a CERO D rating that is restricted to those seventeen years or older. The other, more mature version, titled Bioharard RE: 2 Z Version, is more suitable for adults, and will have a CERO Z rating, which is intended for the 18+ audience.

The major difference is that the adult version will contain more of the gore and violence that the standard version will be censoring. What exactly will be censored isn’t clear, as the game is still deep in development, but taking a look at what Japan did for previous games will provide a clearer picture.


When Resident Evil 7 was released in Japan, it also received two versions, one which toned down many of the graphic scenes, and another that allowed for more of the stuff fans of the series expect. However, even this “Grotesque Version” wasn’t as gory as the Western release. One example of how Japan censored Resident Evil 7 can be seen with the rotted, mutilated head found in the Baker family fridge in the Western version. In the Japanese version, it was merely a photo of a man with a red x through it, which is a pretty major difference.

From what we’ve seen of the new Resident Evil 2, it’s shaping up to be a worthy endeavor. As one of the best games in the franchise, it was the perfect title to undergo the remake process. Capcom appears to be taking everything fans loved about the original, and really amping it up to today’s standards — likely taking notes from the success of Resident Evil 7.

The good news is Capcom doesn’t appear to want to stop there. The company has already stated it is already perusing its previous titles and planning more remakes after Resident Evil 2. There are a lot of great games in the series, so the real challenge for Capcom is deciding which one to remake first.

Resident Evil 2 is slated to release on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: DualShockers