Resident Evil 2 Remake Story Won't Be Exactly the Same

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The more that's revealed about the forthcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, the more it looks like its own original experience. The project's show-stopping appearance at E3 2018, which included a 12-minute gameplay reveal, confirmed that it won't be an entirely faithful recreation of the original game. Furthering that notion, Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn says the Resident Evil 2 remake will allow players to interact with characters and environments more deeply, compared to the source material.

In a conversation with Gaming Bolt, Lunn was asked to clarify an earlier comment by Capcom that the remake of Resident Evil 2 will offer a "deeper" narrative experience, specifically whether any changes would affect the story or rather be strictly visual. Lunn replied, "Definitely both," implying that Resident Evil 2's story as understood by die-hard fans won't be exactly the same in the remake.

Lunn continued, "For example, there will be places in the original game, that you just drove by, or maybe just walked by, or people that you talk to maybe had a handful of sentences. You’re really going to have deeper experiences with those. Sometimes you can actually go on and play for an extended period. Sometimes you have a little bit deeper story with that person. They’re more involved than they were in the previous game. The narrative is definitely enhanced, but I can’t get into what those are, obviously.”

This news is in line with what has previously been expressed regarding the remake's faithfulness to the original game. In an earlier interview, Lunn explained Capcom's decision not to market the project as a remake, reasoning that changes to puzzles and scares would help offer a fresher experience to fans who are thoroughly familiar with the original.

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All that being said, the remake will largely follow the structure of its inspiration, staying true to its story, setting, and atmosphere. It's been confirmed that one of the series' most iconic monsters, the mutant alligator, will be making a return in the remake. Resident Evil 2 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi confirmed the news to Polygon at E3 2018, expressing a desire to appease nostalgic fans and honor the franchise's history, despite initial concerns about whether or not the monster would fit with the remake's "world."

Paying homage to a treasured franchise like Resident Evil while presenting a fresh experience to old fans and newcomers alike can't be easy for the development team at Capcom, but the award-winning presentation at this year's E3 is evidence enough that the task is held in capable hands.

Resident Evil 2 is currently scheduled to release on January 25, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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