Just several days ago, it was confirmed by Alyson Court, the actress best known by gamers as the voice of Claire Redfield, that Capcom would not be bringing her back to reprise her role as the character in the Resident Evil 2 remake, which was a move that she called “disrespectful.” Now, it looks as if the video game publisher and developer is prepared to go with a completely fresh set of performers for the lead characters, as fan favorite Matt Mercer won’t be returning to lend his vocals as Leon Kennedy either.

As seen in the tweet exchange below involving Mercer on Twitter, a fan asked him if Capcom’s decision to not bring him back for the Resident Evil 2 remake was based on the same reasoning it didn’t ask Alyson Court to take up the mantle of Claire Redfield again, which could be related to the company wanting to hire non-union actors. Although Mercer doesn’t confirm as much, he does seem to believe that’s the case, as he’s expressed undergoing the “same experience as Allyson” in regards to the remake.

While Mercer isn’t the original voice of Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2, he has become a mainstay as the character since 2012 by taking on the role in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Resident Evil 6, and the CG movies Resident Evil: Damnation and Resident Evil: Vendetta. With Mercer not being brought back for the RE2 remake, though, there’s a chance that the other actors who have played Leon in the past could make a return, with the very first voice, Paul Haddad, potentially being in the cards, or RE4‘s Paul Mercier being a possibility, too.

However, with Capcom seemingly taking the route of hiring non-union actors for Resident Evil 2, it’s starting to appear as if the most likely candidates for the roles of both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will go to either new or relatively unknown performers. Should the original voice for Ada Wong – American actress Courtenay Taylor – also be passed by for a return in the remake, then it will be evident that the publisher and developer is seeking to take the RE2 remake’s cast in a completely different direction.

All things considered, it’s understandable why many are concerned over the plight of the Resident Evil 2 remake, especially since the game’s co-protagonists are not being represented by voices who have made them memorable. Not to mention, with any shred of evidence regarding the title’s development having been absent at E3 2017, there’s no telling how far along Capcom is in the production process or how the Resident Evil 2 remake will play, leaving many to wonder exactly what kind of game it will even be and if it will be a quality product.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is currently in development, but has yet to be announced for specific platforms.

Source: Matthew Mercer – Twitter