Resident Evil 2: How to Solve the Chess Plug Puzzle in the Sewers


While the remake's story is not exactly like the original game, there are numerous puzzles that must be solved in Resident Evil 2 Remake, just like in the original. While some are relatively straightforward, most require significant thought and effort to solve. One of the more complicated puzzles, Chess Plugs, can be extremely difficult without a guide, especially considering that some of its steps vary depending on which playthrough a player may be on.

To proceed through the monitor door in Resident Evil 2 Remake's Sewer, players must first find all of the missing chess plugs. Three must be obtained (King, Queen, and Rook) and then inserted in the correct order on the wall by the already-placed Bishop, Pawn, and Knight. However, finding all three of the missing pieces requires solving a puzzle of its own.

King and Queen Plugs

In order to find the King and Queen plugs, players must head to the Supplies Storage Room in the Lower Sewers. This requires players to find the T-Bar Valve Handle in the Treatment Pool Room, and then using the Valve Handle on the floodgate, thus allowing them to make their way through the Bottom Waterway towards the Supplies Storage Room.

As players enter the room the Queen plug will immediately be visible on the left side door. By taking the Queen and inserting it into the door on the right, players will then be able to head through the door and up the stairs. It is there that players can find the King plug and jump down to the bottom again. Putting the King plug into the socket of the door on the right, players can unlock the door behind them.

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Rook Plug

To leave the room, players must use the newly opened door and retrieve the plugs. As for the Rook plug, it can be found by opening the Lower Waterway floodgate in the Lower Sewers, followed by taking the lift to the Workroom. After exiting the room, players will find the Rook plug in a socket on a nearby door.

To open the Monitor Room on a player's first playthrough, the plugs on the left side of the door must be placed, in order from top to bottom: Knight, Rook, Bishop. The right side's order, also from top to bottom, should be King, Queen, and Pawn. However, the order changes if a player is on their second playthrough. If on the second playthrough, the left side's order should be King, Bishop, then Queen. As for the right side, it will be Knight, Rook, and Pawn.

While this puzzle is much easier to solve by using this guide, players will still encounter both zombies and mutated zombies, so looting up is essential. It is recommended to unlock every safe along the way, as they will reward players with extremely useful items.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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