Resident Evil 2: Where to Find Every Mr. Raccoon Toy

Resident Evil 2 Remake Raccoon Toys

Although Resident Evil 2 Remake is visually stunning and tremendously terrifying, Capcom's newest title is only an intricate remake of the classic survival horror game. However, while playing the remake is extremely nostalgic for fans of the original, Capcom has managed to add the perfect amount of new items and features to make the game feel like a whole new experience. One of the new additions, Mr. Raccoon Toys, can be found and destroyed to unlock the Unbreakable Combat Knife.

To unlock the Unbreakable Combat Knife in Resident Evil 2 Remake, players must find all 15 Mr. Raccoon Toys and destroy them. Besides creating a noticeable shaking sound, these unique bobblehead toys can be identified by the orange raccoon in yellow shoes standing on a red base. They can be destroyed by any weapon, including the Combat Knife, and will then disappear for all future playthroughs. Upon destroying the last toy, the Unbreakable Combat Knife will be added to the player's inventory for use in all future playthroughs.

While 8 of the toys can be found in the first playthrough by either Leon or Claire, 1 toy can only be found in the second playthrough. Additionally, 3 of the toys can only be found by Leon, just as 3 can only be found by Claire. Here is how to find all 15 of the Mr. Raccoon Toys in the quickest order:

1. Raccoon City Police Department, West Office, 1F (Leon or Claire)

  • Can be found on the north wall, on top of the cabinets

2. Raccoon City Police Department, S.T.A.R.S. Office, 2F (Leon or Claire)

  • Can be found in the corner of the office, behind boxes and a computer monitor
  • Can be found below a target on the back wall, between two zombies
      3. R.P.D. Parking Garage, Firing Range, B1 (Leon or Claire)

    4. Raccoon City Police Department, Break Room, 1F (Leon)

    Can be found behind some bags near the bunkbed

    5. Raccoon City Police Department, East Hall, 2F (Leon or Claire)

    Can be found on a small table near the stairwell

    6. Raccoon City Police Department, East Storage Heart Door Room, 3F (Claire)

    Can be found in the south room on a shelf beside the door

    7. Raccoon City Police Department, Clock Tower Passage, 3F (Leon or Claire)

    Can be found on a window sill in the hall beyond the Clock Tower

    8. Destroyed Bus on Streets behind R.P.D. (Claire)

    Can be found on the bus' dashboard

    9. Orphanage Nursery, 2F (Claire)

    Can be found in one of the cubbie holes

    10. Sewer Entrance (Leon)

    Can be found in the corner after being chased by the Mutated Alligator

    11. Sewers Incinerator, Upper Level (Leon)

    Can be found to the right of the large doors

    12. Sewer Supplies Storage Room Hall, Lower Level (Leon or Claire)

    Can be found before entering the Supplies Storage Room, behind boxes in the corner

    13. Laboratory Cafeteria, Lab North Area (Leon or Claire)

    Can be found on a countertop in the back of the room by a ladder

    14. Laboratory Nap Room, Lab North Area (Leon or Claire)

    Can be found in the first pod after opening the nap pods

    15. Raccoon City Police Department, Side Entrance, 1F (Leon or Claire, second playthrough)

    Can be found around the plants towards the side entrance

    resident evil 2 leon shotgun

    Because of the very nature of survival horror games, finding ammo in Resident Evil 2 Remake can be difficult at times. While players do find a Combat Knife to ward off the relentless zombies, it can break quickly. This is why finding all 15 toys and utilizing the Unbreakable Combat Knife can be hugely beneficial to players, especially ones who may be new to the series or genre. However, finding all 15 toys will take, at the very least, 2 playthroughs. In the meantime, players can find a shotgun to help out in the search.

    Despite Resident Evil 2 Remake being just that, a remake, it is surprisingly original and entertaining to play. Not only did Capcom make a 21-year old game charming and interesting again by introducing new features, but Resident Evil 2 Remake could get DLC as well. While that is not confirmed, it would likely be a successful move by Capcom, benefiting both the developer and fans tremendously.

    Resident Evil 2 Remake is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    Source: IGN

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