Resident Evil 2: How to Unlock Hunk


We've known for some time that the Resident Evil 2 remake would be bringing back the original game's bonus modes, including The 4th Survivor scenario, which stars everyone's favorite Umbrella operative HUNK. Some players may be curious as to how they will go about unlocking that mode, and may want to plan their playthroughs accordingly.

To unlock HUNK and his The 4th Survivor scenario in Resident Evil 2 (it's worth pointing out that HUNK is only playable in this mode), players need to beat the game with either Leon or Claire, and then beat the game again with whatever character they didn't choose as part of the 2nd Run playthrough. It's similar to the original Resident Evil 2 in that the game somewhat uses the same A/B scenario format.

So beating the game with Leon first is considered the Leon A scenario, and that unlocks the Claire B scenario. After Resident Evil 2 players finish Claire B, they will unlock HUNK's The 4th Survivor mode. Alternatively, players could play the Claire A scenario and then Leon B to get the same result.

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The 4th Survivor is considered one of the tougher modes in Resident Evil 2. It puts players on a timer and tasks them with escaping the Raccoon City Police Department before the time runs out, with only limited supplies to work with. Even though HUNK is heavily armed, The 4th Survivor should still test the skills of any Resident Evil 2 player.

Completing The 4th Survivor mode is worth it because it will help players unlock yet another game mode. Completing The 4th Survivor with HUNK unlocks the infamous Tofu Mode, where players take control of a giant chunk of sentient tofu as it attempts to escape the RCPD with only a knife.

These bonus modes definitely lend more replayability to Resident Evil 2, and give players something to help prolong their experience. In the future, the Ghost Survivors DLC will add even more bonus game modes to Resident Evil 2, but for now fans will be focused on unlocking HUNK's The 4th Survivor scenario and Tofu Mode.

Resident Evil 2 launches on January 25 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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