The director of Resident Evil 2 discusses his excitement for the Resident Evil 2 remake, and explains how he encouraged his game developer peers to make it a reality.

Most of the Resident Evil main series games have each seen at least one remake or remaster at this point, with the exception of Resident Evil 2. Fans have been understandably desperate for Capcom to change that, and it turns out that they aren’t alone. The original director of Resident Evil 2 has also been adamant that the game get remade.

Speaking in an interview, the original director of Resident Evil 2, Hideki Kamiya, discussed his excitement regarding the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake. Apparently, Kamiya has been hard at work regularly encouraging his Resident Evil connections to make the Resident Evil 2 remake a reality. Kamiya says that he regularly goes out drinking with Jun Takeuchi, director of the soon-to-be remastered Resident Evil 5, as well as a fellow team member of the original Resident Evil game, and he made sure to talk about the possibility of a remake almost every chance he got:

“Behind the scenes, I go drinking with Jun Takeuchi quite often… I would pester him: ‘You’re going to remake that, right? You’re going to remake that, right? You’re going to remake that, right?’ And he’d say, ‘No, we’re busy with other games.’

“As a fan of that game, not just someone who made it, I’m really happy that they listened to me — to us.”

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In addition to being an advocate for Resident Evil 2 fans everywhere, Kamiya dropped some hints during the Polygon interview that may indicate who will be headlining the new remake. While Capcom is still keeping the director’s identity a secret, Kamiya indicated that the director is a friend, and that he has previously worked on the original Resident Evil as well as Mega Man Legends. This could indicate that Kazunori Kadoi is the director of Resident Evil 2 remake, as he worked on both of those titles; he was also the designer for Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which featured Resident Evil 2‘s Claire Redfield.

Following E3 2016, where Resident Evil 7 was showcased as a return to spooky horror roots, the focus on Resident Evil 2 has diminished, especially since it wasn’t present at E3. Since Capcom’s plan is to recreate an existing game, chances are it will be a proper survival horror scary game, but not as similar to the P.T. Silent Hills demo as the Resident Evil 7 trailer was. However, there’s always the chance that the creators may find a way to implement the PlayStation VR in some way. Playing through Raccoon City in first-person could be thoroughly terrifying, so gamers will have to wait and see if Capcom has any PS VR plans for Resident Evil 2.

Chances are that the Resident Evil 2 remake won’t be released for quite a while yet, though gamers have discovered indications that a Resident Evil 2 demo may be included with Resident Evil 7 when it releases early next year. Even so, if the project is handled as well as the former director seems to believe, gamers should have plenty to look forward to once Resident Evil 2 receives its remake treatment.

Source: Polygon