Resident Evil 2 Digital Deluxe Comes With These Costumes

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A common way to add replayability in Resident Evil games is by giving players a number of alternate costumes to unlock, and it sounds like the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake will be no different. Players won't just be unlocking alternate costumes through gameplay, though, some will also be available in the Extra DLC Pack, which comes with the Digital Deluxe edition of Resident Evil 2.

Anyone who purchases the Digital Deluxe edition of Resident Evil 2, which retails for $69.99, will have two additional Leon S. Kennedy costumes and three additional Claire Redfield costumes. Leon will have the Arklay Sheriff costume and the Noir costume, whereas Claire will have the Military costume, the Noir costume, and the Elza Walker costume.

Elza Walker, for the uninitiated, is the name of the character who eventually became Claire Redfield. Conceived in prototype versions of Resident Evil 2, Elza was a student attending Raccoon University when the zombie outbreak occurred. She is known for wearing a distinctive racing suit, which should make Claire's costume based on her rather unique compared to the other costumes in the game.

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The Extra DLC Pack will give fans more than just new costumes, as it will also unlock a new weapon called the Samurai Edge - Albert Model. Those who pre-order the game will gain access to two additional Samurai Edge weapons; one based on Chris Redfield and a second based on Jill Valentine.

Besides alternate weapons and costumes, Digital Deluxe owners will also unlock the 'Original Ver.' Soundtrack Swap. While Capcom hasn't clarified exactly what this is, it sounds like it will allow players to swap out the remake's new soundtrack for the soundtrack from the original release of Resident Evil 2.

While it hasn't been explicitly stated by Capcom, it seems likely that the main Resident Evil 2 game will have alternate costumes for players to unlock as well, especially since the DLC is called the "Extra" DLC Pack. Hopefully Capcom shares more information about what kind of alternate costumes players can unlock in the main game by the time Resident Evil 2 launches early next year.

Resident Evil 2 will launch on January 25, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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