Resident Evil 2 Will Include Original Character Models as DLC


In celebration of the upcoming launch of Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom recently held a special live streamin Japan that unveiled exciting new additions coming to the remake in the future. Prior to this announcement, the only special contents confirmed for the game were the return of HUNK and Tofu and the inclusion of a new Game Plus mode.

Capcom previously hinted several days ago that it is planning to include several post-launch DLCs in Resident Evil 2, but this stream included more concrete details. First, players will be given the ability to switch out the game’s photo-realistic character models with its original polygon counterparts from the original game, showcased in the live stream footage posted below. This particular DLC is similar to what Square Enix did in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, where players were able to trade Lara Croft’s current model with a few older, less polygonal ones.


It is unknown whether the original character models DLC will be platform exclusive, but it is confirmed to appear on the PS4 version of the game. With regards to pricing, images that surfaced on ResetEra suggest that it will be available for 3000 yen, which is roughly around $30. As of the moment, it seems that the classic character models can only be obtained by purchasing a specially marked PSN card, but will eventually be free to everyone from March 22nd onwards.

Finally, a new mode called "Ghost Survivors" was also announced during the live stream. This particular expansion will randomize elements in the game, earning players points based on their overall performance. The acquired points can then be used to purchase items via the in-game shop. Ghost Survivors will also feature minor characters in the game such as Robert Kendo and Catherine, the daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor.

All things considered, it seems that Capcom is doing its best to please long-time fans of Resident Evil with DLCs that pay tribute to or expand on the original game. Aside from extra-content, Capcom also included several easter eggs from the original Resident Evil 2, such as the unexpected appearance of S.T.A.R.S. member Brad Vickers in the game.

Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25, 2019, for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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