Resident Evil 2: Can You Stop Mr. X?

resident evil 2 remake tyrant

One of the scariest things in the Resident Evil 2 remake is without a doubt the tyrant Mr. X. Mr. X appears in both Leon and Claire's stories, and he is an intimidating, nearly unstoppable force, pursuing our heroes with seemingly no way to stop him. Mr. X is extremely dangerous and can kill Leon and Claire with just a few hits, and since he never seems to stop following them, some players may be wondering if there is a way to stop Mr. X in the game.

Unfortunately for any Resident Evil 2 players freaked out by Mr. X, there isn't really a way to stop him except by advancing the story to a point where he no longer appears for awhile. Even then, Mr. X will continue showing up at certain intervals, especially during Leon's campaign, and he can make searching rooms and completing puzzles a genuine pain.

While Mr. X can't be defeated until the story allows it, Resident Evil 2 players can fight back against the hulking monstrosity, with headshots doing the most damage. After taking enough damage, Mr. X will eventually collapse to the floor for a short period of time, but he will rise again before too long. For this reason, we recommend players avoid wasting ammo on Mr. X, and instead focus their efforts on running away and out-maneuvering him.

Mr. X keeps a decent pace, but it is very possible to put some distance between him and our heroes. If players manage to get far enough away from him, he may even lose track of where they're at, which should give players some time to relax. We found that escaping to certain save rooms was an effective way of losing Mr. X's interest for awhile, but it seems even some save rooms aren't safe, like the Raccoon City Police Department's Main Hall, for instance.

If players manage to successfully lose Mr. X, they will want to listen to his loud, lumbering footsteps to try to determine where exactly he's at in the game. Resident Evil 2 players who want to avoid Mr. X will want to keep the noise to a minimum when his footsteps sound near, as he seems to be drawn to sound.

Lickers, another powerful enemy in Resident Evil 2, are also drawn to sound, so sometimes it's in the best interest of Resident Evil 2 players to be as quiet as possible. Of course, with zombies and monsters lurking around every corner, that can sometimes be impossible to do, but it's still the best way to keep some of the greater threats away.

Resident Evil 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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