Capcom’s latest Kickstarter project is now successful, reaching its goal in just a matter of hours. But this Kickstarter project isn’t for a video game, it’s for a board game. Resident Evil 2 – The Board Game is a strategic survival horror game meant to be played with 1-4 players with a goal of escaping Raccoon City. Resident Evil 2 – The Board Game had a goal of just over $200,000 and has already more than doubled it. And with 27 days left in the campaign, there’s likely much more funding on the way.

The game itself has yet to be fully detailed by Capcom’s campaign. Luckily, the game’s been detailed outside of Kickstarter through a variety of previews. It’s based on a series of linearly organized scenarios, though it can also be played casually. In each scenario, players are at the entrance of a tile-based map with an objective like escaping into the sewers, exploring a secret lab, and so on. Within a scenario are a variety of enemies to fight, puzzles to solve, and other obstacles to overcome. It’s like a zombie board-game take on Dungeons & Dragons, without the RPG persistence between scenarios.

For those interested in buying into the Resident Evil 2 – The Board Game Kickstarter, the base cost is about $94. That package includes the full base game, the B-Files Expansion which adds new cards, minis, tiles, and more, a Kickstarter-exclusive Leon figure, and all unlocked stretch goals, most of which are additional zombie figures. There are also premium add-ons including figures for the extra mutations of Dr. William Birkin, a Retro Pack with cards featuring classic Resident Evil art, and more scenarios. Adding up all of the add-ons, it’s another $94.

Where video game Kickstarter projects may be falling out of style, board game crowdfunding is only growing more and more popular, with game makers quickly discovering that crossing the two mediums over only makes a board game that much more marketable. Capcom isn’t the first to realize this, with major franchises including Doom and Dark Souls running successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Just attaching a popular video game brand isn’t enough to make a campaign succeed, however, as the Crysis board game campaign makes clear. So far, most successful video game board games coming through Kickstarter end up as very high quality products with positive reviews. Resident Evil 2, with its unique take on a scenario-based campaign through Raccoon City, looks to be another such exciting game. But the price certainly reflects that.

Resident Evil 2 – The Board Game tentatively releases in September 2018.

Source: Kickstarter