'Star Wars: The Old Republic' Brings You The Smuggler Class Trailer

The Old Republic Smuggler Cover

Star Wars has always portrayed the smuggler as a hero. Han Solo, Dash Rendar, very cool guys with awesome ships who make their living by transporting illicit materials. And now you too can become your own smuggler in the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Smuggler embodies the "rogue" side of the MMORPG equation, trading armor and strength for mobility and cunning, certainly things you ought to have when the deal of a lifetime turns into a blaster fight.

The trailer does a good job of outlining the tenants of the class, playing it out like the smugglers we're used to seeing in a Star Wars setting. Keep an eye out for some special combat abilities that will be sure to surprise you:


Did you catch the glimpse of the Wookiee companion punching an enemy at 1:02? Perhaps while pursuing the class, a particular sidequest that will pop up involving rescuing a Wookiee from captivity, and thus creating the opportunity for a Wookiee life-debt. This is definitely a touch that I hope BioWare will be sneaking into the title.

Combat with Smugglers appears to be very rogue-based, with the ability to cloak and sneak around before shooting at people with blasters, with a possible bonus because of concealment. And with the best starship in the galaxy, I'm sure space combat will be a bit more exciting, if not easier for Smugglers. On the non-combat side of things, Smugglers will also have the ability to talk their way out of (or into) situations, and of course, gamble away their hard earned credits. Not to mention having all the right connections, possibly enabling more sidequests or special upgrades for your weapons or ship.

No Specialization classes have been revealed yet for the Smuggler, but judging how the Sith Specialization classes and Jedi Specialization classes have gone, the Smuggler will probably pursue a saboteur-like branch or a highly mobile-branch. It's not the best guess, but I still think it's something that could happen.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will turn you from a low level bantha herder into the most charming and deadly gun in the galaxy in 2011 for PC.

Source: Massively

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