5 Weapons You Need To Use (And 5 To Avoid) In Remnant: From The Ashes

Players have quite the challenge when it comes to beating Remnant From The Ashes; the game is tough, there are lots of enemy types, and many of the weapons players may find may or may not be particularly useful when it comes to surviving this wretched nightmare world of The Root.

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Though everyone has their own playstyle and the best or worst weapon in the game is dependent on your build, these are arguably the best weapons you can have in your possession and the weapons that are best sold immediately. Likewise, there are some weapons better left alone because of how counterproductive they are. Here are 5 weapons to use in Remnant: From the Ashes and 5 more that you should avoid altogether.

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10 Use: Ruin

This long gun is the stuff of legend that deals incredible damage with a high rate of fire. It has a built in 3X scope and can function as a brutal sniper rifle or a decent mid-range gun. But where this gun really shines is the Undying mod that revives the wielder upon death with 33% health, 25% damage reduction and immunity to status effects for 10 seconds.

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This powerful weapon is a bit hard to obtain as it requires killing the Undying King, which is one of the hardest boss fights in the entire game, but it's worth it.

9 Avoid: Repeater Pistol

This is considered the weakest gun in the game and just isn’t a good choice to have at your side. It’s given to every player by Ace upon choosing your Archetype and beyond the first dozen or so enemies, you’ll see why they just give these away.

It deals low damage, has a small magazine, and is a waste of scrap and weapon mods. It should only leave your holster during emergencies, if you’re conserving ammo for better weapons or when you’re going to replace it.

8 Use: Sniper Rifle

With the number of melee fighters and heavy hitters in this game, it’s usually a good idea to keep your distance and fight from afar. The Sniper Rifle is obtained early in the game at Earth in the basement of the Church. In combat, it packs a powerful punch, though it must be reloaded after each shot.

You’ll definitely want a secondary weapon for close quarters combat, but this will put a sizable hole in most enemies and with full upgrades will drop many with a single headshot.

7 Avoid: Scrap Hammer

You’re given this weapon when you choose the Scrapper Archtype or you can buy it from Rigs, but it’s honestly not worth the Scrap. It’ll keep you alive in the easier engagements and talented Scrappers will hang onto it for a while longer, but it’s not very effective.

As a Scrapper, you need a melee weapon that can do serious damage when the enemy gets in your face. Your first goal after getting this weapon is to find a replacement as soon as possible. Don’t even think of buying it if you’re not a Scrapper.

6 Use: Beam Rifle

This alien weapon is obtained in The Lost Gantry in Rhom after fighting off waves of adds. It’s an annoying fight but after you obtain this weapon those types of fights will become a breeze. The Beam rifle fires a beam of radiated energy that stacks damage the longer the trigger is held.

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The only downside is that if it heats up too much you’ll have to wait for it to cool down. But once you get the hang of how long you can hold the trigger this becomes a great weapon for carving bosses or melting swarms.

5 Avoid: Scrap Hatchet

Before the apocalypse, the Scrap Hatchet was a common tool used to carve up and process scrap. Now that the Root has infested the Earth it has become an emergency weapon. This hatchet is given to all Ex-Cultists as they start the game, but honestly it’s more of a parting gift then a viable weapon of destruction.

Sure the first few enemies will cave beneath the spinning blade easily enough but after a while, you’ll find the hatchet becoming more and more useless until you finally abandon it entirely.

4 Use: Sporebloom

The Sporebloom is essentially an alien grenade launcher you can craft after killing The Ent. It does require a reload after each shot but thanks to its high damage output, you won’t be too frustrated. Even so the weapon mod is the real reason why you want this weapon.

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The special ability, Spore Shot, fires a large spore that explodes on impact dealing 50 rot damage in a radius and leaves behind a deadly cloud to poison enemies for seven seconds. It’ll chew through a boss’s health pool and can wipe out entire groups with a well-placed shot.

3 Avoid: Scrap Sword

This weapon is given to  Hunters when they enter the game and it should rarely if ever leave its sheath. Hunters are long-range fighters and as a result, their melee weapon is little more than decoration. In fact, Remnant's lore states it’s not even a real sword. It's really just a bunch of leaf springs taken from some abandoned vehicle.

It’ll probably see use when the player is ambushed by a melee fighter or if they want to save their sniper ammo for tougher targets. But honestly, this rusted junk is not worth upgrading or hanging onto very long.

2 Use: Assault Rifle

Arguably the most powerful weapon you can have in your arsenal is obtained early on in the game... if you’re lucky. It’s at the end of a random event called Supply Run at Sorrow’s Field on Earth and you’ll need the Monkey Key to get to it.

With a high rate of fire and decent damage, it thrives in mid-range which is where you should be throughout the game. With max upgrades, it’ll hold its own with the alien and Root tech that other players might be using and will often outperform in terms of versatility.

1 Avoid: Blade Of Adventure

Melee combat is the most challenging fighting style in Remnant and as a result, melee weapons are considered the worst to wield. The Blade of Adventure stands out as the worst melee weapon available, and that's saying something.

It’s the first weapon you get and it has the lowest damage value of all melee weapons. It’s an absolute miracle your character even survived as long as they did considering this is the weapon it was using to fight off the Root hordes. The only reason you should be using this is if you’re on a masochistic run to prove something.

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