10 Most Useful Traits In Remnant: From The Ashes

Traits play a critical role in Remnant: From The Ashes. Having the right traits under you sleeve can mean the difference between eradicating the scourge of the Rot or joining their ranks as a lifeless corpse.

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You are able to respec your traits later in the game and what will be useful will largely depend on your build. But generally speaking there are ten traits that are recommended for all playstyles because of how much they provide defensive and offensive support in any situation.

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10 Guardian’s Blessing

Guardian’s Blessing provides the character with an increased defense against melee attacks. While it’s not advised to go melee in this game there are a number of enemies who will quickly run you down or times when you need to gut a few in order to save your bullets.

Having that added defense against melee types can save your bacon when you get mobbed by melee types or if you’re going up against a melee boss. It’s not the most powerful trait on the list, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have it.

9 Bark Skin

Having a high level of armor can prevent the worst attacks from breaking through and taking out your life pool. Increasing it to ridiculous levels will entirely negate some lower level attacks. Whether you’re running an armor tank or not it pays to have a few layers between you and the enemy.

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Bark Skin gives the player more armor with each level, negating more and more attacks. Armor may not be as critical as health, but it certainly helps preserve what health you do have and it’s a great feeling watching your character shrug off weaker attacks with barely a scratch.

8 Mind’s Eye

Given how weak melee builds are in the game it’s a good chance that your build will involve guns. Mind’s Eye is a trait that increases the damage you deal at any range.

You could be up close with a shotgun or at a distance with a sniper rifle and this trait will boost the damage output. This is a great trait for increasing your DPS and benefits any and all ranged weapons making it a great choice for any build.

7 Kingslayer

Many of the most powerful builds in the game rely upon dealing critical hit damage and for good reason, getting that added boost from a critical hit can save a ton of ammo and bring down bosses very quickly. Kingslayer increases the amount of damage that’s dealt when you do trigger a critical hit.

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Even if you aren’t trying to raise your critical hit chance, having that extra boost of damage every now and then can be a great surprise and save your life on multiple occasions.

6 Executioner

Speaking of critical hit builds, the Executioner trait is an absolute necessity if you hope to make them work. Executioner raises the chances of you striking a critical hit by a total of 20% at level 20.

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That 20% is huge when you’re trying to nudge your critical hit chance up to 100% and picking this trait can give you some flexibility when it comes to gear loadouts. Even for non-critical hit builds a few points in this trait will give you some needed bonus damage every now and then.

5 Glutton

Consumables play a big role in survival, especially in the late game. As you step into the final parts of this nightmarish world you’ll find yourself chugging Bloodwort like crazy in the tougher fights. The Glutton trait enables you to consume those items faster, which is great for fast paced engagements like bosses.

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Each point increases the effect by 2.5%. At max level you’ll slug down consumables so fast you’ll wonder if you’re character isn’t just popping the bottles like pills instead of drinking from them. While maxing out this trait is debatable you will definitely need a few points in this trait for endgame boss fights.

4 Mother’s Blessing

remnant from the ashes review

As many melees enemies there are in the game there are far more ranged enemies. This makes Mother’s Blessing absolutely essential for long term survival. It has the effect of reducing the damage you receive from ranged attacks at any range.

It’s a great defensive trait as you’re negating a portion of all types of ranged damage. This gives you some survivability against everything from the little guys to the largest bosses. Regardless of your build you need a few points in this trait.

3 Quick Hands

Having the ability to get more bullets into your weapon sooner is key to achieving high levels of DPS. Quick Hands is a trait that increases your reload speed with any kind of weapon that takes ammo.

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At high enough levels your sniper rifle will reload like an assault rifle and your assault rifle will feel like it’s on a belt feed. It’s also handy for weapons like the Devastator that need to be reloaded after every shot. The only downside to this trait is you’ll be burning through ammo very quickly.

2 Exploiter

All enemies in the game, including bosses, have a weak spot that when struck with any weapon will deal increased damage. Players that can learn the weak spots of tougher enemies will be able to drop them sooner and conserve their ammo better.

This makes Exploiter a valuable trait as it increases the amount of damage you deal when connecting with the weak spot. Maxing out this skill will increase the damage dealt to weak spots by 25%. Whether you’re going for a one-hit kill build or something else having this bonus to damage will help a lot.

1 Vigor

Vigor is easily the most valuable and the most powerful trait in the entire game. Whether you’re a lowly beginner or a seasoned veteran you will need a few points in this trait if not outright maxing it. In fact, unless you have a specific build and know exactly what you’re doing the first 20 trait points you obtain are probably best spent here.

This is because each point in Vigor increases your total health by 2.5 each level. Maxed out this means you have an extra 50 points of health. Having that extra depth in your health pool can mean the difference between surviving a brutal boss attack or waking up at a checkpoint. Ignore this trait at your own peril.

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