Of all the projects announced at Gamescom 2012, none generated more buzz than Capcom’s Remember Me. That buzz is unlikely to die down anytime soon, particularly as more and more details on the game come to light.

In addition to remixing the memories of her targets, elite memory hunter Nilin will occasionally have to deal with more direct forms of conflict as she works her way through Neo-Paris. According to Capcom, Nilin is proficient in martial arts, and to make sure that proficiency translates into smooth gameplay, Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono is advising the developers at DONTNOD Entertainment on Remember Me‘s combat.

Remember Me made its debut last week with a stylish trailer and an intriguing gameplay video that suggest the finished product may play something like a mashup of Assassin’s Creed and Deus Ex (personally, I think it may also have a bit in common with Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs). That said, in its apparent dedication to providing an uncharacteristically deep combat system for an open-world title, Remember Me brings another game to mind: Square Enix’s excellent Sleeping Dogs (read our review). That game’s brutal combat benefited from the involvement of MMA champion Georges St-Pierre. Now, just imagine what a seasoned pro like Ono (Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter x Tekken) could accomplish with Remember Me.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Capcom Senior Producer Mat Hart describes Ono’s involvement with Remember Me.

“He’s my boss and he and I speak very regularly about the game, and he’s come out with me to Paris. He knows the team and knows the game very well. I always benefit from his wisdom when I’m chatting to him about how we’re progressing.

“It’s a bit like the situation Capcom has with [Devil May Cry developer] Ninja Theory. The strategy of western development is building teams together – Capcom and a developer coming together and making a game together – as opposed to quite an old-fashioned approach of being adversarial. We’re moving away from that.

“So having that kind of Capcom crunch you expect, of course, and that’s stuff we want to talk about in a much wider context as we get closer to launching the game. At this stage it’s fair to say Capcom fans are going to enjoy this game.”

In addition to confirming Ono’s involvement, Capcom has opened up about Remember Me’s composer and Nilin’s voice actress. The game’s score is being handled by Olivier Deriviere, who has contributed music to several games, including Alone in the Dark (check out his work at olivierderiviere.com). As for Nilin, she’s being voiced by actress Kezia Burrows, who portrayed Dr. Cath Llewellyn on the BBC Wales series Crash. 

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Remember Me is how close at hand the game actually is. Introduced just last week (well, reintroduced — the game has been in production for years, and at one time was a PlayStation exclusive titled Adrift), Remember Me is slated to ship in just over six months — a far cry from the standard industry practice of hyping a game years before its release. According to Hart, Remember Me is “is going to be a major franchise” for Capcom, and Ono’s involvement appears to back that up. Could Remember Me take its place among such successful Capcom series as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter? What do you think?

Ranters, does Ono’s involvement with Remember Me amp up your interest in the game?

Remember Me releases March, 2013, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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Source: Eurogamer, Capcom Unity