Remedy Talks 'Alan Wake' Follow-Up; Possibly Titled 'Alan Wake's Night Springs'

Remedy Talks Alan Wake Night Springs

Previously in Alan Wake news we brought you the information that a new Alan Wake offshoot/sequel has been confirmed as "in development," and is on its way to the Xbox Live Arcade. Since then, a few more tidbits about this Alan Wake follow-up have popped up online, including a response from developer Remedy Entertainment to claims that a downloadable title will lead to a less desirable product.

In fact, according to Remedy, the choice to go downloadable should in no way impact the final product. This will be the same Alan Wake experience gamers will expect, with this one’s storyline picking up many of the same beats from the original. As long as the episodic nature of the storytelling continues, we’ll be more than happy.

To that same point, Remedy Entertainment’s CEO Markus Maki gave his two cents saying, “’ Don’t you give you value for money…’ Heh. Oh ye of little faith,” echoing the sentiment that the title will be well worth the money and then some.

Another new piece of information also has surfaced in the form of a purported menu image, which pegs the downloadable game as being titled Alan Wake’s Night Springs, a perfect fit for the mystery novelist milieu. On top of that, one of the menu options, as seen in the image below, suggests that the title will feature an ‘Arcade’ option, perhaps to replay the bite-sized segments of the game.

Alan Wake Night Springs Menu

Our guess is that Night Springs, if that is indeed the title, will be broken up into smaller “episodes” that will be much more disposable than an overarching storyline. Players might be able to experience small segments of the game with the freedom of a number of story breaks, from which to continue at a later time.

While some, not all, of this Alan Wake information has confirmed by Remedy, it certainly gets us excited for this forthcoming downloadable follow-up. Though there might be some significant changes being made to the formula, there also seems to be a clear goal of delivering a retail-size experience that gamers will love.

What do you think of this downloadable Alan Wake now that more details have been revealed? How do you see the little bits of information (like the arcade mode) coming together to form a complete game?

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