Now that the curtain has finally been pulled off of Microsoft’s Xbox One, gamers can now focus on the content that’ll be arriving on the next-gen platform later this year. There were a handful of third-party publishers on-hand to demonstrate their commitment to the Xbox 360’s successor, but the console’s grand unveiling was surprisingly short on big-name first-party exclusives. Microsoft did, however, confirm two new games that would be coming to the Xbox One — Remedy’s latest project, Quantum Break, being one of them.

Not much can be drawn from the teaser trailer that was shown off during Microsoft’s event earlier today, but the few snippets of gameplay footage that were present looked visually impressive. Other than that, the trailer alludes to some sort of super power-induced chaos that’s running rampant through a city. It’s unclear if the little girl that’s featured in the live-action portion of the trailer is responsible for the ensuing destruction, or simply capable of seeing the events unfold, but it certainly looks as if she had something to do with that massive boat tearing through what appears to be the Brooklyn Bridge.

Quantum Break Xbox One

What’s so unique about Quantum Break isn’t strictly the gameplay, as an official press release clarified the concept behind the “experience.” According to Microsoft, the project “blurs the line between gaming and TV by integrating drama and gameplay into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience.”

Basically, Quantum Break will be arriving in two different forms: a television show and a game. The TV show and the game will work in unison to provide gamers with a unique experience that’s only possible on this next-gen console. How users choose to play the game will impact events within the show, and the show will set up plot points and missions that will occur within the actual game.

Quantum Break will undoubtedly be an immense undertaking for Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Alan Wake, and it’ll be fascinating to see how well the television show and game actually work together. Now, we wonder if the newly announced Halo television show will follow Quantum Break‘s lead and offer gamers a similar level of game-to-show interactivity.


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