Remedy Entertainment’s art director, Saku Lahtinen, says future games from the studio will use the live-action episodic TV format found in Quantum Break.

Even though upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is from a tried-and-true studio like Remedy Entertainment, the game is still a fairly significant gamble. This is due to its unique approach to gaming, using an episodic story structure combined with an actual live action TV program that will accompany the game’s levels. Even though Remedy has yet to see how the general public will respond to this, it seems as though the studio’s next game after Quantum Break will follow a similar structure.

This is according to Saku Lahtinen, the art director for Quantum Break at Remedy. He said:

Alan Wake taught us to take inspiration from TV shows. Quantum Break builds on that foundation and we have taken many steps in the field of character and face technology to be even better at relaying the story. We have learned to work with international stars, bridging storylines and an actual live-action element. My hunch is that our next game will be an evolution of these lessons learned, rather than attempting to conquer even more new ground.”

It would make sense for Remedy’s next game to follow this new live action TV show format. After all, Remedy has integrated television into its game experiences since the beginning, with both Max Payne and Alan Wake having live action content. Quantum Break clearly takes that idea to the next level, featuring full-length live action episodes that can change based on choices players made while playing the game.

Quantum Break May Be Coming to PC - Quantum Break destroying bridge

Quantum Break‘s live action segments also feature significantly more star power than Remedy’s past efforts. Remedy has hired actors from Game of ThronesThe Lord of the RingsThe Wire, and X-Men to work on the project, showing that the studio truly believes in the concept and is going all out with it. Whether or not the gaming audience embraces what are essentially extra-long cut-scenes remains to be seen, however.

That being said, Microsoft Studios must have faith in Remedy to deliver a high quality product with Quantum Break as well. After all, Microsoft has pushed the game as a major Xbox One exclusive since the console was announced in 2013, and it’s one of the few Microsoft Studios TV projects to actually see fruition.

Whether or not Quantum Break‘s unique approach to video game storytelling is a hit won’t be decided until the game releases in a couple of months. However, if Remedy is confident enough to say that it will be a format the studio pursues with future games, then it’s apparent that they at least have faith in it. For those interested in seeing whether or not the unique format succeeds or flops, Quantum Break‘s April 5th release date can’t come soon enough.

Quantum Break will be available on April 5th, exclusively for Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7