Remedy Entertainment Praises Rockstar Games for Work on 'Max Payne 3'

Remedy Shares Thoughts on Max Payne 3

Now that development duties for the Max Payne series have passed from Remedy Entertainment to Rockstar Games many are wondering how Rockstar plans to live up to fan expectations, while at the same time delivering something fresh and new. Even more importantly, though, gamers are wondering how Remedy, who have since resurfaced with another new franchise in Alan Wake, feels about Rockstar’s work on Max Payne 3.

After assuming control of the Max Payne property, Take Two brought that property to Rockstar, thinking them to be the perfect developer to pick up where Remedy left off, and according to Remedy that was a good choice.

While taking a look at Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Remedy’s new downloadable Alan Wake adventure, Kotaku got to talking with Alan Wake creator and writer Sam Lake, who shared his thoughts on Rockstar’s work with Max Payne 3. In Lake’s mind, and in most of gamers’ as well, Rockstar can do no wrong.

"We absolutely love what they've done and couldn't be more proud of where the series is headed. I mean, they don't really make shitty games, do they? It's as if the Rockstar logo has become this, "Seal of quality."

Fans of Max Payne might have apprehensive about Rockstar’s new approach, and especially Payne’s new bald-headed look, but as we near the game’s release, the fundamentals of past iterations have begun to show up here and there. Rockstar might be adding their trademark storytelling flare, but bullet-time and a gritty noir atmosphere should help any Payne fan feel right at home.

But that isn’t to say that Rockstar Games took over Max Payne 3 and left Remedy to rot -- as was mentioned before they have what appears to be a strong future with Alan Wake. Not only is a downloadable title in the works, but signs seem to point towards Remedy gearing up for a triple-A, true sequel to Alan Wake.

Do you think that everything worked out for the best, with Rockstar taking over Max Payne 3 and Remedy now having Alan Wake? What would the key differences been had Remedy developed Max Payne 3?

Max Payne 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Kotaku


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