Next Game from Alan Wake Dev Won't Be Xbox Exclusive

For seven years, developer Remedy Entertainment has made games, namely Alan Wake and Quantum Break, exclusively for Microsoft platforms. But that is set to end with the developer's next unannounced game.

In a blog on its website today, Remedy says that its next game, codenamed P7, will release on a "wider range of platforms," and the studio specifically mentioned the PlayStation 4 being one of them. Remedy also says its next game is using the Northlight engine, which powered last year's Quantum Break. That means that the engine, which was developed for the Xbox One, will be ported to the PS4.

While very little is known about P7, Remedy has talked from time to time about its next game, saying that it will start focusing on multiplayer and cooperative gameplay while still retaining its well-known focus on storytelling. Even in the days of Max Payne, Remedy put a premium on storytelling and unique narrative devices, along with compelling gameplay.

But even though P7 is definitely not Alan Wake 2 or a sequel to Quantum Break, as those are both Microsoft IPs, Remedy has said that the game will continue in the tradition of Quantum Break's live-action episodic TV format, and that Remedy will look to overcome the gameplay mechanic shortcomings that critics and gamers noted in the 2016 title.

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It's unknown how much progress has been made on P7, with Remedy saying eight months ago that the team had split in two and that P7 was at the time in the "conceptual stage." While one team works on P7, the rest of Remedy is currently working on a sequel to CrossFire, an online tactical first-person shooter. Remedy is working with CrossFire's developer Smilegate on that game.

It's anyone's guess if P7 will make an appearance at this year's E3, although Remedy did tease in November that a trailer would be "coming soon." Whatever P7 ends up being and considering Remedy's long development cycles, the game is likely at least a year from release. But at least when the game does finally make its way out, it will be available to more players this time around than just Xbox owners.

Source: Remedy

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