Remedy Entertainment’s head of communications took to Twitter to reveal the development team is working to improve gameplay mechanics for its upcoming titles.

After building massive hype before release, Quantum Break launched to mediocre reviews from both critics and gamers. While the game’s unique premise and visuals were highly praised, its wonky gameplay mechanics system left a lot to be desired. The end result was a disappointing experience for Xbox One and PC gamers who played the title.

Developer Remedy Entertainment seems to be acutely aware of Quantum Break’s shortcomings, and will be looking to make improvements to the gameplay mechanics of upcoming projects. The developer’s Head of Communications, Thomas Puha, recently took to Twitter to share the team’s focus, and to let gamers know the developer will provide a much better experience for gamers next time around.

We are definitely focusing more on game mechanics now and in the future. Need to improve there, create deeper, better gameplay mechanics.
— Thomas Puha (@RiotRMD) December 29, 2016

Remedy Entertainment is currently working on at least two games, one of which is simply codenamed “P7”, since it’s the seventh project the team has developed. No word yet on what the other game is in development. If the company is working on a sequel to Quantum Break, gamers will be very interested to see what changes the developer makes to the gameplay mechanics for Quantum Break 2.

Many gamers are hoping the developer is hard at work on a new Alan Wake title. A few years ago, focus shifted for Remedy from a true Alan Wake sequel to Quantum Break thanks to discussions between Remedy and Microsoft. Now that Quantum Break has released, hopefully Remedy is back to working on a new Alan Wake game.

The idea of Remedy creating a sequel to either Quantum BreakAlan Wake, or both, seems to fit with Puha’s comments about the team’s capabilities. As Puha shared today on Twitter, with only 140 people on the team, and two games in development, there’s not a lot of opportunity for the developer to create open world games for players. However, it seems the team is wanting to put more emphasis on multiplayer than it has in the past.

Alan Wake Xbox One -- Light and shadow

Additionally, it sounds like the crew at Remedy doesn’t want to make gamers wait another five years for its next title. When responding to a fan, Puha revealed the next game won’t take that long to see the light of day, which hopefully means one or both titles currently in development are coming along well and may even be revealed sometime this next year.

What do you think about Puha’s comments about improving the gameplay mechanics of its upcoming titles? What games are you hoping to see from Remedy Entertainment?

Quantum Break is currently available for PC and Xbox One.