A new game from Remedy Entertainment is on the horizon, as Communications Boss Thomas Puha confirms that the team is working on much more than just CrossFire 2.

We’ve known for a while that Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment have been working on the campaign for CrossFire 2, but now one team member has revealed that this isn’t the only project the team has in the works.

Communications Boss for Remedy, Thomas Puha told Game Informer that the developer has split into two teams at present, with one team working on a new, secretive project.

“The other team is working on something that’s pretty far off,” Puha stated. “It’s in the conceptual stage.”

Alan Wake's Return Teaser Confirmed for Quantum Break - Alan Wake kneeling

Obviously it’s still too early to announce the project to the public, though a prototype build is reportedly already being shipped around to publishers. When the subject of Remedy Entertainment’s previous titles Alan Wake and Quantum Break were brought up, Puha didn’t shed any light on whether the new project was a sequel to either of the story-driven games, though he did discuss the possibility of either story continuing in the future.

When both titles were made, Remedy Entertainment reportedly ensured that Alan Wake and Quantum Break had the potential for sequels in case they decided to work on the projects again in the future. This is allegedly a cause of much discussion at Remedy, with several staff members wanting to continue the franchise while others think the current ending is sufficient.

During development of both titles, strands were left open to allow room for a sequel to take place, something that Remedy Entertainment learnt to do after the success of Max Payne where a lot of character deaths led to a tricky situation when it came to making a second game.

The Communications Boss also commented that Remedy Entertainment is looking to make games faster as the company moves forward. “No one at the company wants to spend four or five years making a single thing. It burns people out, and you just want to ship games,” Puha explained.

While Quantum Break certainly took a long time to release, due to several lengthy delays, there’s an argument to be made for quality over quantity and when finally released, the game placed on our list of top 10 games of 2016, earlier this year.

A successor to either of Remedy Entertainment’s recent titles would be very much appreciated, though it’ll be interesting to see what the developer has in store for us with a new independent project too. The project might even come with a multiplayer mode, according to Creative Director Sam Lake – though this is entirely speculation.

Quantum Break is available now for Xbox One and PC.