Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment is already working on its next game, according to the professional profiles of several Remedy developers.

Game developer Remedy Entertainment has seen huge success with its new game Quantum Break, which it released on PC and Xbox One earlier this month. The sci-fi title was such a hit with PC and Xbox gamers that it became the biggest selling new Microsoft Studios IP of this generation.

With that in mind, it would be easy to assume that the Helsinki-based developer would like to take a break before moving onto its next project or that it would continue to gather feedback on Quantum Break before moving onto a sequel. However, it seems that the developer’s next project is already well underway.

That information comes from the LinkedIn profiles of several Remedy Entertainment employees. The profile of Quantum Break’s lead designer Kyle Rowley mentions an “unannounced title,” which Rowley has been working on since August 2015.

Meanwhile, the profile of Mikko Rautalahti lists the writer as the “narrative lead” since February 2016. Rautalahti’s profile also says “working on a thing I can’t talk about yet. Writing and figuring out the storytelling for said thing.” The project also has an executive producer according to another profile found by VideoGamer.com.

Remedy Entertainment working on a new game

Unfortunately, the profiles offer very little in terms of what to expect from the project, gameplay-wise. Though, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake previously suggested that the studio’s future games could have multiplayer. Speaking on the Major Nelson podcast, Lake revealed that “certainly there are discussions about multiplayer. There are discussions about all kinds of ideas.” Lake also explained that the studio is asking itself “what is a Remedy game and how can we evolve it into something even cooler?”

One possible theory about the secretive project is that it will be a new Alan Wake game. Remedy recently filed a trademark application for Alan Wake’s Return, but that turned out to be an in-world reference in Quantum Break. Although Lake said that there is “no real news about anything future Alan Wake-related,” the creative director also revealed that Remedy is “exploring possibilities,” so a new game in the franchise may well be on the cards.

Regardless of what the new game is about, Quantum Break players will be hoping that Remedy continues to fix that game’s problems before it completely shifts its workforce to the unannounced project. In addition to new features Remedy has said that it is “working diligently” to fix issues such as the crash at launch bug as well as frame-rate problems.

What do you want from Remedy Entertainment’s new game? Are you hoping that it’s a new Alan Wake? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamer Center Online