Quantum Break Dev's Future Games Could Have Multiplayer

Remedy Entertainment Multiplayer Game

As Quantum Break garners positive feedback, Remedy Entertainment Creative Director Sam Lake talks about adding multiplayer in the studio's next title.

Now that gamers have had a chance to get their mitts on Quantum Break, the time-bending Xbox One and PC title by Remedy Entertainment, the studio now faces questions regarding the future. It's no secret that Quantum Break has had a great reception (read our review), leaving fans wondering about a potential sequel to the intellectual property, or where Remedy Entertainment might go next.

On the last Major Nelson podcast, Remedy Entertainment Creative Director Sam Lake was asked what the studio would be tackling next, and he stated that the studio has 'all kinds of ideas floating around', which includes potential multiplayer game modes in future titles. The news is sure to excite fans of the studio, especially considering their impressive lineup of games beyond Quantum Break: the Alan Wake series and the original Max Payne title are all products of the Finnish studio.

Here's what Sam Lake had to say in regards to multiplayer action:

"Certainly there are discussions about multiplayer. There are discussions about all kinds of ideas. We want to evolve with the times as well: try out new things that push ourselves, and always come back and question, 'What is a Remedy game and how can we evolve it into something even cooler?"


Lake also emphasized the importance of finding new ways to tell a story, which is certainly something Remedy Entertainment proved it could do with Quantum Break: the star-studded title featured plenty of live-action television show segments, which featured over 40 different variations based upon choices the player made during the game. While Lake couldn't comment on the future of Quantum Break as a potential multi-title series yet, he did coyly comment that "time will tell" based on the success of the first game.

While the game itself launched to a positive reception, Microsoft has begun giving out refunds to gamers left waiting for PC pre-order codes, which were supposed to be ready when the game officially launched on April 5th. To make things worse for those looking to play the title on PC, the title seems to be having framerate issues, making the Xbox One version the clear winner when it comes between the two.

In any event, Remedy Entertainment has delivered another great title with an absolutely stellar single player experience, and we'd love to see them tackle a title that could be played with friends. Whichever path the studio ends up taking, one thing seems clear: gamers are likely to get something good from it.

What do you think about Remedy Entertainment making a game with multiplayer, Ranters?

Quantum Break is currently available for Xbox One and PC.

Source: DualShockers & Major Nelson (via GameSpot)

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