10 Games To Play If You Enjoyed Remedy's Control

Control by Remedy Entertainment is a well-made game that features various mechanics and gameplay features that will make you crave more upon completion. The most important thing when trying to look for more games similar to Control is understanding what parts of the game you enjoyed most. Was it the 3rd person action gameplay, or maybe it's the weird plot and premise of the game? You might have just loved feeling like a superhero. Let's look at ten games to play if you enjoyed Control by Remedy Entertainment.

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10 Death Stranding

If weird is the word that comes to mind when you're trying to express what you loved most about Control then maybe Death Stranding is the next game you should prepare yourself for. It's not only Hideo Kojima's first project away from Konami, but it also happens to possibly be weirder and more convoluted than Metal Gear Solid ever was. The game will have players delivering packages across a country while being hooked up to a baby that lets the user see into an alternate dimension. Did we mention there's a urination mechanic?

9 Marvel's Spider-Man

Many people overlook the fact that in Control you're essentially a superhero. You obtain the ability to force push, fly, dash, and telepathically move objects. Since you're not wearing a cape or spandex it's easy to overlook the fact that in many ways it's a superhero game.

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If the power fantasy of dominating bad guys who are less capable than you in a fight excites you then Marvel's Spider-Man should be your next purchase. Insomniac Games delivers the most fluid and authentic Spider-man gameplay to date.

8 Tomb Raider

There's nothing wrong with wanting to experience another game focused on female empowerment. The 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics gave Lara Croft and her franchise a breath of fresh air. Though it doesn't have the same focus on shooting, you'll find that the movement and emphasis on exploration will feel very similar. It's not as weird as Control is in terms of narrative, but the game will provide some strange scenes and an ending that may have you scratching your head.

7 Bloodborne

Bloodborne might be the next experience for you if you're craving more 3rd-person action and more of those Metroidvania elements. The game is rather difficult though, so you should understand what you're getting yourself into before you commit. In many similar ways, you're trying to piece together what exactly is going on around you. It's up to you to take in all of the information that's being provided and try and piece it together in a way that makes sense for you. You'll be trading the Oldest House for some old blood.

6 The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is considered by many to be the defining game of the PlayStation 3 and to this day is argued as Naughty Dog's best game.

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Despite developing 4 incredible games in the Uncharted series, The Last of Us is the pinnacle of what that team can accomplish. The sequel is set to release in 2020 so there's no better time to jump in. It may be a lot more serious and dire than Control, but the narrative is incredible. It's also played from the 3rd-person perspective so you'll feel right at home.

5 Max Payne 2

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne is considered one of Remedy Entertainment's best games. It was lauded by video game critics for having great action and story throughout. The biggest piece of criticism leveraged at the third-person shooter was that the game's length was way too short. In 2019 this could be seen as a positive for those looking to go back and experience a game from 2003. The game didn't sell very well which was unfortunate considering the game won several awards after its release.

4 Batman: Arkham Asylum

It's hard in the modern era of open-world games to find an experience that takes place all in one specific location or building. If you throw in the additional genre of superhero/super-powered then it's almost impossible to find one as games based on heroes take the power fantasy of traversal to the next level. Rocksteady's initial Batman outing, Batman: Arkham Asylum, managed to make the entire game take place at the asylum and made it arguably the best superhero game of all-time. Do yourself a favor and become the bat.

3 Quantum Break

History, unfortunately, hasn't been too kind to Remedy Entertainment's last release before Control, Quantum Break. The game was an Xbox One exclusive that experimented with narrative storytelling by injecting 20-minute television episodes throughout the game.

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Despite that, the game features inventive and entertaining time-manipulation gameplay and is the catalyst for what Control was able to accomplish. It may not have ever hit the highs of Control, but Quantum Break is worthy of your time and attention.

2 Resident Evil 2 Remake

More recently Capcom released Resident Evil 2 Remake which took the original game, placed it in the new RE Engine, and refined the gameplay to make it more enjoyable in the modern era of gaming. It features tense action-horror gameplay with movement that is enjoyable but not necessarily as fluid as Control's. A majority of the game takes place in 2 large indoor locations which will certainly give players the same vibe as traversing the Oldest House. If you want more scares and fewer superpowers this may be the choice.

1 Alan Wake

If graphics are what caught your eye in Control then maybe Alan Wake may not be the next game to play. However, if the weird plot and creative gameplay are your jam it may be worth it after all. Alan Wake follows the story of an author who is looking for his lost wife in the middle of the woods. It has a lot of horror elements and very much dabbles in the supernatural. Though you have a gun at your disposal it's the flashlight that's going to make the difference between living and dying.

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