Remedy Says That 'Alan Wake' XBLA Is NOT 'Alan Wake 2'

Geoff Keighley has been getting excited for the VGAs - so much so that one game developer had to publicly correct a litte faux pas Keighley made while speaking on Major Nelson's podcast, where he casually said that the upcoming XBLA title Alan Wake, a game being detailed at the VGAs, was "effectively" Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment, so as not to ruffle feathers, was very complimentary of Keighley’s excitement, but wanted to extinguish any rumors before they spread, stating on their developer’s forums:

“ …I think that since he invokes the “Alan Wake 2″ name, I should reiterate what we’ve said all along: this new game is not Alan Wake 2, and if we intended it to be that, we’d have named it that.”

Not a proper sequel, check. What is really interesting is that the actual Alan Wake 2 won’t even be a proper sequel anyway, as Remedy has stated before that the second installment, whatever they might call it, will not be “Alan Wake 2” nor will it be DLC. In fact, the next game is shaping up to be the biggest mystery in the Alan Wake universe. Perhaps the XBLA title will fill in some of those gaps or lead us in the right direction. The snippet of video from one of the XBLA episodes doesn’t really reveal much and the official teaser trailer does even less. The only sure thing is it will have something to do with the game's fictional television show, "Night Springs".

Considering the evidence, I think it's perhaps clear what Keighley was trying to say. Since the next Alan Wake game will apparently have little (or nothing) to do with the original, then he may have been suggesting that this would be the only real sequel the Alan Wake we know an love will get. In that case, he might be correct in saying it is "effectively" Alan Wake 2. Especially if the next game isn't even called Alan Wake 2. All of this vagueness is surely giving fans a headache -- it definitely is for me. If Remedy taught us anything with their games, it's that being left in the dark is a bad, bad thing. I suggest they take their own advice and illuminate us.

Alan Wake is currently in development for Xbox 360.


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Source: VG247




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