Earlier this year, Remedy Entertainment teased that they had big news for 2013. Without much to go on, most speculated that the developer was working on a proper sequel to Alan Wake, one that would launch on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

However, that was not the case. Instead Remedy was working on an entirely new IP, titled Quantum Break, which they revealed at Microsoft’s Xbox One event on Tuesday.

So what does that mean for Alan Wake? According to Remedy’s Sam Lake, there were plans to develop Alan Wake 2, but a lack of funding got in the way. As Lake explains in the video above, Remedy would love to make Alan Wake 2 — they just have to wait until the time is right.

Although Alan Wake has gone on to attain a cult status among Xbox and PC gamers — selling some 3 million copies in the process — it wasn’t a success out of the gate. Its downloadable “spin-off,” Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was equally well received, but it too wasn’t a runaway success.

Alan Wake 2 Will Come When Time Right

So, for as much as Remedy loves working within the Alan Wake universe, and wants to continue that story, they had to focus their attention elsewhere. Luckily, they found themselves working on a game that Lake calls Remedy’s most ambitious yet.

As Lake reveals, Quantum Break is influenced by Remedy’s work on franchises like Max Payne and Alan Wake. The trailer for Quantum Break actually features two of those franchises key features: bullet-time slow motion and FMV cut scenes.

Although we’ll have to wait until later this year (at the very least) to truly see what Quantum Break is all about, uninitiated gamers can get their fill of Alan Wake thanks to Remedy’s Humble Bundle. You pay whatever you want and get a PC copy of Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and a wealth of bonus content.

The game isn’t for everyone, but those that do enjoy it will understand why fans are hungry for another Alan Wake game.

Does Quantum Break have you intrigued? Or would you rather Remedy work on Alan Wake 2?

Source: Remedy Games