The exhilarating, maddening onslaught of E3 2010 is now a thing of the past, and all we have to replace it with is… a fairly solid week of new releases.  That’s right, it’s time to get back out there and start buying games again.  As always, Game Rant is here to help.  Check out the new releases for June 2o through 26, 2010, broken out by platform and date.


Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Wii

  • Art Style: Rotozoa 6/21
  • The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts 6/21
  • The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages 6/21
  • Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Racing 6/22
  • Transformers: Cybertron Adventures 6/22
  • Wipeout: The Game 6/22
  • Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans 6/24


Sony PS3

Sony PSP

Freed from the shackles of their questionable (if profitable) film series, Hasbro’s Transformers look like they have the game to beat at retail this week.  Though Game Rant wasn’t ecstatic about the multiplayer demo on Xbox Live, hope springs eternal that the final product will live up to its potential.

Though we rarely include demos on our new release list, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t point out that the Crackdown 2 demo is available on Xbox Live right now.  Be sure to check back for Game Rant’s demo impressions.

Also of note this week, the always welcome appearance of another Sam & Max adventure, and the first (though certainly not the last) appearance of Puzzle Quest 2.

As a final note, all readers should be made aware that Wipeout: The Game is not the game WipEout.  You have been warned.

So, what games are you picking up this week?  What games are on the horizon that you are looking forward to?

Source: Gamespot

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