While we know of at least one Star Wars title that is in development (Star Wars Kinect) it looks like another one was in development, but was canned along with a series of layoffs at Red Fly Studios. The developer who most recently gave us the Wii (and marginally better) version of Thor: God of Thunder was reportedly working on a next-gen Star Wars title up until June of this year.

According to a job posting by one of Red Fly’s former employees, the developer had been working on said Star Wars game for about half of the year, or at least required that employee’s talents for that amount of time.

Unfortunately, details of the Star Wars game beyond the job posting are non-existent, making this yet another failed attempt at delivering another facet of the universe in video game form. While titles like The Force Unleashed 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic symbolize the highs of the franchise, the end of Star Wars Galaxies and this Red Fly project symbolize the low.

With so many different ways in which to approach a Star Wars title, as indicated by the existence of not one, but two different MMOs set within its universe, we are sad to hear that Red Fly Studios’ creative vision couldn’t be realized. Though Thor was a cash grab, the developer’s previous title Mushroom Men was a clever little title that indicated Red Fly had some potential.

And that doesn’t mean Red Fly Studios can’t still live up to that potential with future projects that are unrelated to the Star Wars universe. Some developers might be struggling to make it during these tough economic times, but if they can find the right venue — like downloadable games for example — there is still a chance to survive.

What type of Star Wars game would you have liked to see from Red Fly Studios? Do you think the property has enough viability to stretch across multiple genres?

Source: Game Informer